122222 Lompoc City Council - swearing in 2

Reelected Lompoc Mayor Jenelle Osborne and city councilmembers Dirk Starbuck and Victor Vega are administered the oath of office by City Clerk Stacey Haddon during the City Council meeting Tuesday.

Lompoc City Council members unanimously approved a pay raise for the city manager before bidding a tearful goodbye to retiring Police Chief Joe Mariani Tuesday evening.

With no discussion and a 5-0 vote, council members approved the 4 percent salary increase from $230,000 annually to $239,000 effective Jan. 1.The change includes the same vacation, management and holiday leave.

“It sets the salary of the city manager at the new level listed in the staff report, which is the same percentage salary adjustment as received by the city’s management supervisory and confidential employees group in July 2022 and the recommendation is to adopt,” City Attorney Jeff Malawi said in introducing the amendment.

122222 City Council Meeting - Mariani

Lompoc Police Chief Joe Mariani said an emotional goodbye during a City Council meeting December and thanked his staff and the community as he embarked on retirement.