'Art at the Mission Club'

A poster promoting 'Art at the Mission Club' features various artworks.

A group of independent artists from Lompoc and Santa Ynez debuts at a unique venue for their work in “Art at the Mission Club,” a one-day event on Saturday, May 28.

Inside the Mission Club restaurant, the show will feature stunning artwork in a variety of media, to be enjoyed in a beautiful setting while partaking in light refreshments. All artwork is available for purchase.

The artists were brought together by plein-air pastel painter Deborah Breedon, who resides next to the glorious chaparral and oaks of our valley and its inspiring changing skies. The Mission Club venue, with its expansive windows offers these same views and plenty of space to display art.

The participating artists want to bring awareness to the depth and quality of artists practicing in the valley. Although several of the artists exhibit regularly at other local venues, viewers will be in for some surprises.

Three-dimensional work will be well represented. Ceramicist Raymond Ventura maintains a local studio. His vessels are inflected with his early urban influences and Chumash heritage, creating a spiritual and emotional effect.

Chuck Klein, inspired by Japanese craft and a lifetime experiencing the realm of nature, creates exquisite three-dimensional objects in wood that incorporate various media and concepts.

Tammy Evans’ life journey has brought her from Wales to the Santa Ynez Valley. Using gourds as her medium, Evans’ love of the horse and the spirit of motion shines though.

Glass artist Joellen Chrones’ “Sugarless Treats” demonstrate the pleasure of color, and the variety and beauty of glass. Her pieces are functional, intended to be serviceable as well as loved. Retired physician Dr. Gil Andersen creates paintings on hand-rolled, glazed ceramic tiles. Inspired by local scenes and world travel, his work ranges from small, individual tiles to large wall pieces.

In the realm of two-dimensions, digital photographer Tom Chrones uses the tools of his medium to form a unique emotional experience with each recognizable image. The common spaces of our lives are transformed in ways that help us remember and treasure them.

Watercolorist Rosalea Greenwood’s focus is the world of flowers, in technicolor. She also delights in the chroma of birds, wine and landscape painting, often positioning them against dark backgrounds. Deborah Breedon uses richly pigmented pastels to entrance the viewer with vivid, ingenuous strokes. For Breedon, ‘painting is a beautiful way to integrate my world within to my world without,” with a personal color palette and intimate compositions.

Vicki Andersen’s love of the effects of light and color are apparent in all her paintings, which can be categorized as contemporary Impressionism. Paint is applied loosely and quickly, in broad strokes. Jon Arnold is an artist-explorer, traveling by bike, car or on foot to represent the local landscapes he loves. Chris Jeszeck is a versatile artist whose art flows out of her like music. Most recently, she has immersed herself into the “fluid art” world, teaching acrylic pouring on YouTube; often combining the abstraction of fluid art with realism.

Neil Andersson is a dedicated plein-air painter in the manner of the 19th century Impressionists. His brushstrokes are constantly evolving into more accurate impressions of light and movement, while his color harmonies are constant and pure.

Elizabeth Monks Hack is an oil painter of our local landscapes, streets and architecture, but they are altered by the inclusion of geometric lines, forms and space. Monks Hack delights in the suggestion of movement through time that can be evoked using different dimensions.

Show organizer Breedon has said, “I believe creativity exists inside us all. Exploring our creative side is a part of the search for who we are.”

Join with us in that search, while enjoying good company, fare, and a beautiful venue. 

The event will be from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. The public is invited.

The Mission Club is located at 4300 Clubhouse Rd., Lompoc. For more information call 805-735-3535.