A wildfire had grown to about 150 acres by 7 p.m. Thursday on northern Vandenberg Air Force Base.

Crews from the Santa Barbara County and VAFB fire departments are battling the blaze, which is located near Point Sal and El Rancho Road. It is in an unpopulated area, according to 30th Space Wing public affairs, and no buildings are in danger.

Among the crews battling the fire are 55 firefighters from VAFB Fire, 40 from County Fire and six members of the 30th Space Wing Security Forces Squadron.

VAFB Fire had deployed 16 vehicles, and Santa Barbara County had deployed two helicopters, two fixed-wing aircraft and 22 vehicles in response to the fire.

According to a press release from Vandenberg Air Force Base Thursday evening, fire crews have been able to bring containment on the fire to 70%.  


Firefighters from the 30th Space Wing work with the Santa Barbara County Fire Department to extinguish the Rancho fire on Thursday at Vandenberg Air Force Base. The fire burned approximately 140 acres near Point Sal and El Rancho roads.

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