As reporter Mathew Burciaga was waiting for Vice President Mike Pence to make his way to Vandenberg Air Force Base, he was struck with an interesting question. When was the last time a President or Vice President visited the base?

So, we dug into our digital archives at LompocRecord.com/archives to look around, and found a few notable visits to VAFB.

Of course there was this visit from president John F. Kennedy in March of 1962.


As printed in the March 26, 1962 edition of the Lompoc Record.

Atlas Launch Highlights Chief Executive's Tour

President John F. Kennedy winged his way back to the Nation's capital today following a West Coast vidit which included a two-and-a-half hour tour of the nearby Aerospace Center of the Nation - Vandenberg Air Force Base.

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But it looks like a pair of vice presidents also visited the base; Hubert H. Humphrey in 1967 and Dan Quayle in 1991.

Humphrey at Vandenberg

As published in the February 21, 1967 edition of the Lompoc Record

Humphrey Arrives For Vandenberg AFB Visit

Vice President Hubert H Humphrey stepped jauntily from his plane at Vandenberg this afternoon showing little evidence of his run-in with anti-war hecklers at Stanford University yesterday where he called for an end to poverty in rural America and defended the Administration's Vietnam policies.

Quayle at VAFB

As published in the July 24, 1991 edition of The Lompoc Record;

Quayle tells of 'space plane'; VAFB role in shuttle replacement not revealed

President Bush plans to develop a new system of space launch vehicles that will capitalize on new technologies and replace the current space shuttle, Vice President Dan Quayle announced today. 

Lyndon B. Johnson also came to Vandenberg in October of 1961 when he was Vice President to John F. Kennedy. Johnson's trip was liked to more of an inspection of the combined facilities operational capabilities, than a visit of the base. 


As published in the October 5, 1961 edition of The Lompoc Record;

Vice President Johnson Visits - Vice President of the United States Lyndon B. Johnson is pictures as he arrived at Vandenberg Air Force Base yesterday afternoon for a whirlwind tour of missile facilities at Point Arguello and Vandenberg. He was met at air base by a horde of both Navy and Air Force photographers and Maj. general Joseph Preston, commander of the First Strategic Aerospace Division. 

This one is not a President nor a Vice President, but might be even more unprecedented and interesting. 

In September of 1959, Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev made is way through the Surf Beach and Vandenberg area as he made his way north by train to San Francisco.

Khrushchev at VAFB

From the September 21, 1959 edition of the Lompoc Record.

300 Lompocans Watch Khrushchev As He Passes Through Surf Area 

Lompocans followed the way of the nation Sunday when a crowd of approximately 300 persons cooley witnessed the passing Nikita Khrushchev, Soviet premier, through Surf aboard a special train.

The loading platform of the Southern pacific station was nearly filled to capacity about a half-hour prior to the arrival of the San Francisco Daylight which preceded the special train by 10 minutes.

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