From the June 3, 1985 edition of the Lompoc Record. 

Conq softball savors its victory

What a team!

Conq coach Dave Benchoff, above left, counsels senior pitcher Margaret Harvey through a sore arm in the finals of the 1A CIF softball competition against Maranatha. Above right, Cherie Kolpak puts out Minuteman Leslie Williamson at second in one of Cabrillo's many brilliant defensive plays.

Below, Kolpak tags outfielder Christy Haggins to stop a rally in the third inning. Below left, infielder Barbara Furuto pulls in safe at thrid. Furuto scored on the next play to put Cabrillo on top at 1-0. 

Four-year friends Margaret Harvey and her catcher Julie Grummy savor the long-awaited victory. The Conq's softball too the 1A champions 2-0 over Maranatha Saturday. 

Photos by Glenn Rosen

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