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Everything changes but the source

I'm thankful everything changes but one source. Apply this truth and even the press will eventually report the exact opposite over time. Buzz word of today is "fake news." There is no fake news, just news out of cycle. And there may be no wrong question, just a wrong time to ask a question?

He above watches these changes; fulfillment before our very eyes. I'm a white person, therefore a person of color. White is seen when the fuller range of color is reflected off an object. Black is seen when the fuller range of color is absorbed. If you haven't heard this you missed a basic class in junior high school using the prism to explain the rainbow and why we see colors. I reflect the rainbow in a sense. I am white and a person of color. God bless everyone.

Mike Snay


There is little reason left

Obviously the never Trumpers and their media have become unhinged. Their frenzied anti-Trump orthodoxy has taken such priority that what little reason they may have possessed has given way to fake news, fake hate crimes, bizarre emotional outbursts and outrageous statements which do nothing but spread fear, anger and class hatred among Americans.

No matter how well-reasoned Trump’s propositions– replacing Obamacare, lowering taxes, eliminating terrorists or deporting illegal immigrant criminals –liberals and their destroy Trump media protest with such fervor they’re nearly incoherent.

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They fear Russia more than radical Islam. They frighten our children by telling them the planet will soon be completely uninhabitable because of global warming. They say Trump’s new budget and his goal of a 3 percent GNP is not only impossible, it’s “immoral.” 

This truly is a stupid time to live in America. Illegals work for cash and don’t pay taxes yet receive free food stamps, phones, school, medical, rent and utilities while American citizens who need help are ignored. Liberal mayors tell cops to stand down while masked terrorists beat, burn and destroy because they think violent protests are justified. Constitutionally progressive judges and attorneys feel so called to resist Trump they offer warped opinions masquerading as law.

As for Trump’s tax returns, they will never be found. They’re buried beneath Obama’s foreign student visa, college transcripts, U.S. citizenship papers, social security number and his dealings with criminals like Rezco and Ayers while all the ignorant, gossiping, lying Trump derangers work to destroy their own president.

Larry Bargenquast

Paso Robles