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Public’s help is required

The movement to overturn the Buellton RV, boats and trailers ordinance, which severely limits or bans the possession or these items on private property, is gaining momentum.

We now have three council members willing to revisit this ordinance. But the fight is far from won and we cannot do it without your support.

We need people willing to speak at the July City Council meeting and, if you are uncomfortable speaking, willing to just show up and let your presence speak for itself. The council needs to know how many people are actually affected.

I do not own a boat, trailer or RV and do not have a stake in the outcome. But I strongly object to the council's unwarranted control of private property, especially without any provisions to mitigate the logistical and financial hardship this ordinance imposes on every Buellton resident who owns a boat, trailer or RV. This was a poorly-thought-out and poorly-executed maneuver by the council, and I strongly urge you to let them know how you feel.

The majority of Buellton citizens are opposed to this ordinance. But if you do not let your position be known, the council will not change its position. Please don't assume that someone else will do this for you. If you have not already signed the petition against this ordinance, please do. If you do not have access to the petition, contact me at Know that you can make a difference. The time to act is now by signing the petition and coming to the July City Council meeting. Date, time and location in July will be given when finalized by the Buellton city manager.

Larry R. Rankin


Three ways to solve freedom of speech issue

I'm not surprised at the recent "freedom of speech" problems at UC Berkeley. Why? Well, in 1992 I had to attend some meetings with Professor James M. Kelly at the UC Berkeley Engineering Department.

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The meetings were for getting the advice of the professor regarding the structural seismic supports for the Titan-IVB solid rocket motor segments at Vandenberg AFB. So, I arrange the meeting with the professor and two engineers to meet at his office. One of the engineers told me "Augie, you know it's Berkeley, so I suggest that you don't wear a tie."

So I wore a tie at the meeting and of course got some stares. I had to show respect to the professor and I was sure that both Martin Marietta and the U.S. Air Force expected such from me. I think that the problem at Berkeley and at other colleges is that some of the students were never taught to be respectful at home or at grammar school.

To me, there are three ways to solve the free speech problem at Berkeley: cut off federal grant money, have President Trump speak at UC Berkeley with several U.S. Army infantry companies on stand-by duty and make it mandatory to attend and pass Freedom of Speech 101, during the freshman year. Remember, it was lawful at Little Rock High School in Arkansas to use the Army to keep the peace in 1964.

Augie Aguilar

Santa Maria