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Realities and Trump

A recent letter writer called President Trump “real.” A real child who needs constant, approving pats on the back.

His letter also stated Trump was honest. I cannot count the number of lies he has been involved with. So much so they had to coin a phrase to describe them — alternative facts.

It was also expressed that Trump wanted to save a sinking ship. The only ship he wants to save is his own. He and his family are making money off his presidency. He has already thrown us under the Russian bus.

Two things Trump learned really well is the best defense is a strong offense and diversion. Every time some crisis happens he diverts our attention by creating something else outlandish.

Americans are tired of it — witness Trump's approval rating — and it is time for Congress to do its job.

Rick Tibben


Children and gangs

Throughout the Central Coast, gang violence has always been an issue. However, within the past several years it has increased dramatically.

According to the Gang Intelligence Center, criminal gangs commit as much as 80 percent of the crime in many communities.

Children as early as junior high think joining a gang is a cool thing, or they might be having problems at home and think turning to the streets is the solution by having a surrogate family.

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Parents should pay more attention to their children’s activities, prepare them for the future, have discussions at school. Parents should be involved by participating in their children’s education.

Due to all the hours they work to support the family, parents forget their children need attention. This is why most teenagers become involved in gangs.

Parents should prepare children to have a better future. They should enroll them in activities to children keep the children active all the time and to keep them out of the streets and surrounded by positive people.

Parents should participate in their children’s education. Participating in the children’s school, meetings, projects and homework will show the children they care. Also, the parents should talk to teachers and school board about bringing in ex-gang members to be an eye-opener.

Natalie Esparza

Santa Maria