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Safety first on our roads

How many crashes on our roads will it take before we choose to put safety first?

For the sake of improving traffic safety in the Santa Ynez Valley, I believe it’s time to stand up and say certain activities are not acceptable.

The fact that visitors arrive in multiple vehicles has quite an impact. If additional dwelling units on lots, as allowed by state law, are added will the traffic and parking impacts be studied?

The casino is thriving, which is bringing more visitors to our area. Wineries are pressing for more and larger tasting rooms and allowing more events, which add to the congestion/crashes at our already-dangerous intersections. We all know how deadly dangerous they are.

Sadly, the result is that near-crashes and crashes are occurring more frequently. This will increase if we do not insist that our elected representatives do not put safety first. Our quality of life, public heath and clean air are at risk as well.

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We all have a responsibility to press our fellow drivers to put safety first. We also need to insist that our elected representatives and others put safety first by taking into account the increase in traffic and to act accordingly to stop or slow traffic growth.

Do more Valley residents have to die in order to have traffic safety be a priority? At the very least we need controls at a majority of the intersections on Highway 154 and dangerous intersections on Highway 246. Perhaps signals, stop signs and roundabouts need to be added.

Mary Beth Kerr

Los Olivos