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Investigate UC budgeting

Recent stories about the University of California president should be a concern for every Californian.

Janet Napolitano was Arizona’s Attorney General, governor and then Secretary of Homeland Security before becoming the UC system’s president. You’d think she would know right from wrong in handling taxpayer funds. But being well-schooled will never trump morals, character and the ability to make smart and honest choices.

She flat-out hid funds from not only taxpayers but also the UC Board of Regents. Maybe they need to take some business classes to understand budgets and financial records.

Gavin Newsom's biggest concern being next year’s $336 per-student tuition increase shows his complete lack of understanding of Napolitano's intentional efforts to deceive everyone but her closest confidants. How about demanding a grand jury investigating her actions? There is $175 million in this secret slush-fund account, but who really knows how much has been deposited into this account, and how much has been given out over the last four years. Any money distributed was obviously never reported to any governmental agencies, since it was all suppose to be a secret. The IRS should also be checking anyone who received funds from this account, and add them to the list to be investigated.

Napolitano included this hidden money in her annual budget requests, but just never spent it. This is a dishonest person, and officials should request a grand jury to investigate every transaction in or out of that account since she became president.

Being a CPA, I know how the game is played, and the auditor who found this secret account deserves a big thank-you from all of us.

David Dickinson

Santa Maria

White House has problems

I watched former acting Attorney General Sally Yates' testimony about former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn's involvement with the Russian ambassador.

I wasn't that surprised at what I learned from her testimony, but I am always amazed at the incompetence in the White House.

I was also saddened to find out President Trump had been warned by President Obama against hiring Michael Flynn in January, yet he made Flynn his first hire.

Then I learned his son-in-law's sister is selling Visas in China for $500,000. Hello! How can that be legal?

Sometimes I wonder whether he cares more about us or his financial bottom line. I would also like it if he would start telling us the truth. Why is that so hard?

Robin Said

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Santa Maria

Make effort to erase gender pay gap

The gender pay gap indicates that women are paid 80 percent of what men are paid according to, with statistics backed up by the U.S. Census Bureau and the U.S. Department of Labor National pay gap table.

The work force of women in U.S. is increasing, and as it increases women aren’t paid equally to men. Paying women less is unfair because they help with family to make ends meet financially.

Wyoming at 64 percent is the biggest gap and the city of New York with 89 percent is the smallest in the U.S. Why does such a pay gap in gender exist? If executives of small and big corporations are intellectuals and well educated, shouldn’t such executives promote equal pay? The men in Congress should make a law or legislation to even up the pay.

Pedro Vargas

Santa Maria