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Young voters, get involved

The League of Women Voters Santa Maria Valley has begun an Observer Corps to monitor various local government meetings.  There were observers at the last city of Santa Maria district map public hearing April 20. The meeting notes will be posted on website.

A special shout-out to local high school senior class government teachers. Attending the next hearing could be a great extra credit activity. Do students understand gerrymandering and packing? How is the latest census important? What does CVAP mean?

Many of the seniors are eligible to vote or very close. How would students draw the district maps based on the criteria required by the California Voting Rights Act? Our city population has a low registered voter percentage vs. population. Do students understand this statistic? It is listed on the city’s website.

LWVSMV would love to see older students engaged in this local governance exercise. The next public meeting is May 2, 6:30 p.m. at the Minami Center. Check the city website for maps and information. Final meeting if May 16t.

For more information on LWV Observer Corp. please contact LWVSMV on Facebook or website.

Lisa Johnson

LWVSMV president

Social media addiction is a real issue for users

Facebook users have to be careful because they can spend too much time on social media. People can spend more than two hours on it, and they will forget to share time with their families, play with the kids and do their chores, such as cooking, reading a book to their children, or doing homework.

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How much time do you spend on social media? My mother spends more than five hours a day on Facebook. She does not have a Facebook account, but she asks my sister to borrow hers. My mother likes to see pictures of people from our town, who she has not seen for a while. We asked my mother if she would help cook us something to eat, and she said “you can make it yourselves. I am busy with my Facebook addiction.”

We started laughing, but it really is not funny. People sometimes forget to make a family dinner because they want to stay on social media. Sometimes people would rather be on social media than read a bedtime story to their children. People think that is more fun to be on social media than to help their children with homework.

According to researchers, Facebook could be the worst addiction a person can have because people become hooked on it little by little. Researchers have found that “there are negative consequences on personal psycho-social well-being, especially among adolescents and young adults” (Marino et al.). 

Maria Rojas

Santa Maria