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Andy Caldwell: Our unfortunate departure from family, faith and country
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Andy Caldwell: Our unfortunate departure from family, faith and country

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To understand just how compromised our justice system in California is, thanks to the severely warped consciences of the social justice warriors (SJWs), California changed the definition of “violent crime” to downgrade the sentencing associated with, well, violent crimes.

This has to do with the fact that today’s SJWs don’t believe anybody should be incarcerated, rather, they consider criminals as victims in need of counseling, education and reparations!

For instance, here in California all of the following crimes are no longer categorized as “violent,” meaning the criminal sentencing for these crimes is considerably less than what it should be: assault with a deadly weapon, domestic violence, battery with serious bodily injury, solicitation to commit murder, rape/sodomy/oral copulation of an unconscious person or by way of date rape drugs, human trafficking of a minor for sex, active participation in a street gang, exploding a destructive device with intent to commit injury, arson of forest land causing physical injury and, finally, to add insult to injury, assault with a deadly weapon on a peace officer.

If you find this as obscene and offensive as I do, you should consider spreading the word about Proposition 20 this November. Prop. 20 will restore common sense and truth to our justice system by reversing the influence of the SJWs who are attempting to eliminate crime by changing definitions and downgrading penalties for acts of violence.

As a conservative, you might be surprised to understand that I was an SJW before the left coopted and destroyed the meaning of the term. Accordingly, I spent seven years as a volunteer at the Lompoc Federal Correctional Institute helping federal prisoners understand how to chart a new path for their lives sans excusing them for the acts that landed them in prison.

I also volunteered for one year in the county probation department. That is, I believe in social justice but not at the expense of any other type of justice and therein lies the problem with today’s SJWs.

Ultimately, the SJWs want to replace cops with social workers. The ignoramuses who are making these demands are thereby denying how many social workers are already employed at taxpayer expense to no effect.

Right here in Santa Barbara County, the social services department is the largest department in the county, with over 750 employees and a budget of $181 million a year, not including the benefits paid out to their 148,000 “clients” in this county.

That amounts to 1/3 of our residents, including 67,500 children, or 68% of all county children. And, that is not all. We employ another 403 “professionals” at a cost of $134 million a year trying to help people with alcohol, drug and mental health problems.

Just these two departments represent over 1,000 employees and over $300 million in expenditures. What can we show for the effort? Nothing much. We spend this much every single year, why aren’t lives improving?

Our real problem is that what we are doing is not working. Nonetheless, today’s woke politicians and their SJW minions don’t want to admit these basic truths. Instead they want to blame shift society’s problems on our criminal justice system, namely cops.

America must go back to what worked before our society began to come apart at the seams by way of societal disintegration and degradation. That is, what is ailing us today is the fact that our society is bereft of the values that once made us strong and healthy, namely, the priority of intact nuclear families, vibrant churches, civic duty (remember JFK’s “what can you do for your country?"), and an education system that prioritized the inculcation of values and mores. In a nutshell, family, faith and country.

Andy Caldwell is a conservative Santa Maria radio host, founder of COLAB of Santa Barbara County and a candidate for the 24th Congressional District seat. He is writing as a private citizen.


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