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Considering the damage done to this country by Donald Trump in the first year of his presidency, aided and abetted by a complicit, shameful Republican Congress, one can only imagine the grief and suffering he will generate if allowed to complete the next three years of his presidency. He has neither the intelligence nor the temperament to govern.

He has alienated most of our allies and friends globally. He has insulted many countries' leaders. He has no sense of the functions of government, hasn't a clue what's in the Affordable Care Act or the Paris accords on global warming. His only agenda is to undo all of Obama's legislation, out of pure spite.

During the campaign he said he would drain the swamp, but instead has filled it with a Cabinet of billionaires, and advisors from Wall Street and corporate America.

He was elected with 2.8 million fewer votes than Hillary Clinton. He convinced 65 million voters, including 81 percent of all Christian evangelicals, that he is a Christian, but his basic nature and moral essence are best described as mean, vindictive, hateful, dishonest, racist, brutish and arrogant, just to name a few.

He seems to have no redeeming qualities and is devoid of any Christian values. He has approved of the use of torture, either unaware or indifferent of the fact that Jesus died a torturous death. He's going to build a wall. Another Republican president convinced Mikhail Gorbachev to "tear down this (Berlin) wall" in 1989.

Anyone who has investigated Trump's rise in the business world is aware of his 13-year relationship with notorious attorney Roy Cohn, chief counsel and hitman of Joseph McCarthy during the HUAC hearings of the 1950s. Cohn was Trump's mentor. According to Politico, Cohn "became Trump's constant advisor in every significant aspect of his business and personal life." His simple credo: always attack, never apologize. Trump's comments: "Roy brutalized for you.”

Newsweek in 1979 said, "If you need someone to get vicious toward an opponent, you get Roy." Cohn was disbarred in the state of New York for fraud and deceit a few weeks before he died in 1986. As has been obvious this past year, Trump still is guided by Cohn's influence and his credo.

Hypocrisy has become the guiding principle of government and politics in this country. We make guns and bullets six days a week, then pray for peace on Sundays. We have a plutocracy-obsessed administration and Republican Congress beholden to corporate America and the super rich rather than the constituents who voted them into office.

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They have enacted a tax bill that gives billions to these benefactors, while abandoning or ignoring sufferers of recent hurricanes, including the entire population of Puerto Rico, not to mention Californians who lost their homes in recent fires and floods.

Robert Jeffress, one of Trump's key evangelical advisors stated: "God has given Trump the authority to ‘out’ Kim Jong Un." It sounded more like the comment of a mobster than that of a Christian.

God giving permission to one man to kill another? Or worse, giving one country permission to bomb another country? Not the God I know.

Fifteen years later and we're still in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The elections of 2018 and 2020 should determine what kind of country Americans want in the future. I can't imagine they will choose Trump's, Bannon's or the Republican’s materialistic world view. There is no room for God in that view — and yet we are, the most materialistic country in the world. So, who knows?

Bob Murtha is a Santa Maria resident.