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Marcus Ruiz Evans: Reasons for California to take an exit
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Marcus Ruiz Evans: Reasons for California to take an exit

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"Events in America make the notion of California seceding from the union less preposterous.”

We completely agree with this statement in a recent Our View editorial. However, as founder of the Calexit movement in 2012, I have to disagree with some facts:

“ … the U.S. Constitution denies states the right to secede."

The constitution is silent on secession. What it does say is that for all legal disputes, the Supreme Court is to decide what is legal. The court said in a case after the Civil War, Texas v. White, that states could secede "with consent of the states …” Also, 35 states in America are red, hate California and would be fine if we left.

“ … doubtful a secession movement would win approval of a majority of California voters.”

Not true. Stanford University’s Hoover Institute … and Reuters/Ipsos both ran polls on Calexit in January 2017, and they showed 32-percent support, plus 15.5 percent who don’t know, 27 percent support and 19 percent “not sure,” which means the amount of Californians willing to seriously think about Calexit is 46-47.5 percent or “just under half,” and GQ magazine reported on this fact in April 2017.

"About a third of everyone in California lives at or below the federal poverty level.”

True, but why? California is a donor state, and pays more in to subsidize 25 states than it gets out in federal services. California lost $13.7 billion in 2019. The cost to house all of the homeless in the Bay Area is estimated at $12.7 billion, meaning we could permanently fix homelessness in the Bay Area in one year if we were independent. The next year we would have an additional $13.7 billion to fix L.A. homelessness, and in four years we could afford every homeless person a new home.

“ … do terminal harm to the nation’s political balance, perhaps giving the more conservative factions a stranglehold on top elected offices."

Not True: California has not affected a presidential election since 1870, and that includes Obama and Trump. Californians know that America picks the president before their votes are counted. Also, we don’t have control of the Senate, and because of these two facts we don’t control the Supreme Court, which is now radical. So California doesn’t have any effect on three of the four major branches of government, which means we can’t actually get laws passed. Hence why Sen. McConnell said to think of himself as the “Angle of Death” because it doesn’t matter if liberals own the House, you can’t make anything happen without the other branches approving.

"We can’t see how California pulling out of the union would help anyone …”

As long as California is part of America, it is under federal law. Currently the Supreme Court directly disagreed with the California government’s many lawsuits and said the state doesn’t get to stop the federal government from selling off public lands, rewriting tax codes so people in your state are hurt, building a racist border wall, loosening air and water laws, permitting offshore drilling, holding immigrants at the border indefinitely, banning people immigrating from Muslim countries, letting businesses discriminate against LGTBQ, removing protections for women and minorities that allow them to sue their employers for discrimination, and making it so police are immune from investigation in accidental shootings of civilians.

Also, what about the homeless who could have homes? What about the roads that could be fixed without having to raise the gas tax? What about lowering taxes on businesses without hurting our budget?

Marcus Ruiz Evans is founder of the Calexit movement.


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