A real crisis at the border

I guess this will be labeled inhumane, the newest catch-phrase. If they have $7,000 to pay a smuggler to get them here, they can hold back $100 or $200 for the fees.

There are 100,000 people trying to cross the border every month now, and every change the administration tries to make is fought.

Nothing has changed for 30 years. There are an estimated 22 million illegal immigrants in this country right now. Every administration has claimed they are going to fix the problem, but they haven't done anything, which makes it appear the people making all the money off the illegals are the ones blocking any changes.

E-Verify seems like a good idea, but when employers start making excuses why they can't/won't use it — because it would have an effect on their profits — it's pretty worthless.

At the moment, there seems to be an effort to overwhelm the Border Patrol/DHS/ICE — the people tasked with protecting our country — in hopes they will just let them all in. Is that what you really want? Do you really wish for the Border Patrol, Homeland Security and immigration to just give up?

Boris Roberts

Santa Maria

High praise for Lindsey

As a long-time reader of both the Santa Maria Times and the Santa Ynez Valley News, thank you for publishing John Lindsey’s weather articles. These alone are worth the cost of the paper. And weather is a topic interesting to everyone.

Over the years, one is given the equivalent of a meteorology course, invitingly and clearly explained. Often, the articles are related to current or predicted weather conditions, which makes them immediately useful for understanding what is happening. Once in awhile the article includes weather-related history as well, an intriguing bonus as it sometimes relates to life experiences of the author.

Also, a thank you to his employer, PG&E, for encouraging him to share his knowledge more widely.

Nancy Emerson


Finding the path to peace

What is peace? The dictionary defines it variously as “inner contentment, undisturbed by strife,” “freedom from quarrels or disagreement.” or “absence of war or other hostilities.”

On an individual level, does that mean sitting in a rocking chair on the porch, or is it the dog sitting beside you on the porch?

An individual can achieve peace of mind, even during periods of external strife, through will or belief. With nations, it is more difficult. In the world, it is vastly more complex.

During my lifetime of 91 years in the U.S. I have not observed any lengthy period when there was no disagreement or conflict in this country. There have been periods of better resolution, and others of worse resolution of differences. In a democracy, we must expect dissent in order to facilitate change. The real issue is how well we do to resolve differences.

For too many years the U.S. has been engaged in fighting other nations' wars. Here, too, we need better models as to how we can work with other nations to negotiate disagreements.

Perhaps all we can do is to seek, and try other solutions.

Roy Moss

Santa Maria




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