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Letters to the editor:A vote for Dawn Addis for 35th Assembly; Don't want to panic

Letters to the editor:A vote for Dawn Addis for 35th Assembly; Don't want to panic

A vote for Dawn Addis for 35th Assembly

Jordan Cunningham is probably a nice man and he certainly has a photogenic family, but that’s not why we elect people to the state Assembly. We send people to the legislature to work for the people of California. If you look at Rep. Cunningham’s voting record you will see that in his short career, he has missed 17 votes. He was even MIA for a law he co-sponsored. Looking at the votes he missed it’s hard to tell if he lacks commitment to the job or if he’s just trying to avoid controversial issues. When Jordan Cunningham does show up, he’s not always looking out for his constituents. Even though he represents the 20,000 students who attend Cal Poly, Cunningham voted against A376 which established a student loan bill of rights. Thankfully the vast majority of legislators supported the law which prohibits “deceptive practices toward a borrower or misrepresenting or omitting material information in connection with the servicing of a student loan.”

Dawn Addis is running against Cunningham on a platform to protect the coast, increase gender equality and improve access to quality public education. She has a long history of serving the community and showing up when it counts. Dawn Addis does not hide from controversial issues. In its 122-year history the 35th District Assembly seat has always been held by a male, usually an attorney, with the one exception of Hanna-Beth Jackson. That does not represent the diversity of voices and concerns in the 35th Assembly district. Dawn Addis will bring a new, broader perspective to the position. Her background in education is essential to help legislators craft effective programs to improve education. On Nov. 3 vote for Dawn Addis for the 35th Assembly District, she’s committed, caring and she will show up.

Molly Machin


Don't want to panic

So Trump says he didn't want to panic the U.S. early in January 2020 regarding the deadly virus, therefore he kept quiet. Actually, he wasn't quiet. For several weeks in January and February there were many tweets and rallies. Things are under control, one person from China, it would go away, a Democratic hoax. This is the biggest load of b**s** since Nixon saying "I am not a crook" or Clinton, "I did not have sex with that woman". 

Trump saying he was concerned with panic is like saying the late George Carlin was concerned with four-letter words in his stand up routines. Panic/chaos is his trademark. Mexicans are rapists, the Muslim travel ban, the loony left will destroy America, suburbs will be ruined with Blacks moving in, etc.

Going forward then, the U.S. should not be warned about floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, wildfires and other natural disasters. Don't want to panic folks. The only panic he was concerned with was a dip in the stock market and/or a hit to the economy that would hurt his re-election chances. Let Trump apologists spin this one.

Larry Batson

Santa Maria


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