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Letters to the Editor: Addis tax increase plan tone deaf; Vote for change, vote Victor; Voting for 'good guys' Biden, Addis; Observations on first Presidential debate

Letters to the Editor: Addis tax increase plan tone deaf; Vote for change, vote Victor; Voting for 'good guys' Biden, Addis; Observations on first Presidential debate

Addis tax increase plan tone deaf

COVID-19 has devastated the local economy. Small businesses have closed, and thousands of employees have lost their jobs as a result.

We cannot afford a tax increase in the middle of this failing economy. But that’s exactly what Assembly candidate Dawn Addis supports. Addis supports raising property taxes on small businesses – in the middle of a recession and pandemic.

That’s ridiculous and tone deaf. People are struggling to make ends meet, Dawn. We can’t afford your tax increase.

Kara Bullard

Paso Robles

Vote for change, vote Victor

Lompoc’s economic future can take one of two paths. The traditional path is the city staff's path. The staff's goal is to always increase the tax income to feed the city government’s employees, to increase city services, and to increase the size of government. 

Tax income to the city comes mainly from sales tax and hotel bed tax. Property tax contributions are limited because the county takes most of that. Service fees and permits collect additional income but generate frustrated customers and slow construction activities.

For the 32 years I have lived in Lompoc, the city government has tried to achieve rapid population growth by large scale home construction. The idea is that more people generate more retail sales tax. The problem has been the absence of jobs which pay a salary sufficient to buy a house. No serious jobs means no house buyers, means no sales tax increase, means little new construction.

Victor Vega’s path is to change the city government’s priorities. First priority should be the best interests of the community, not the government. Then, city services need to be streamlined to speed development of new businesses bringing new jobs.

One new business opportunity is to recruit a trade school to move to Lompoc. Mechanics, electricians, welders, computer technicians, and others need to be trained professionally so the students can earn good salaries instead of going to college to earn a degree with no job attached. I think Victor is on to something here.

David Grill


Voting for 'good guys' Biden, Addis

I like Joe Biden. Next week, I look forward to voting by mail for Joe to become our next President, to remove Donald Trump from office and to make decency normal again. Joe is truly a "good guy." Similarly, I look forward to voting for an extraordinary community leader and educator to represent northern Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo counties in the California State Assembly, Dawn Addis.

We deserve better people than Trump and Jordan Cunningham. We need principled, hard working leaders in our State Assembly and in our White House, which is why I'm going to vote by mail for Joe Biden and Dawn Addis. They're both "good guys."

John Alan Connerley

Corresponding Secretary

San Luis Obispo County Democratic Party

Observations on first Presidential debate

When I attended grammar school in a small Midwestern city, corporal punishment of one kind or another was commonly applied to disruptive and unmanageable students. 

By the time I embarked upon my high school teaching career, any physical contact between teacher and students was not only frowned upon and discouraged but was, in many states, against the law.

Teachers, therefore, devised other strategies for dealing with the less-than-cooperative and ungoverned that worked for most. Removal from class or expulsion, applied by school administrators, was the ultimate punishment. Not so easy when the disruptive and ungovernable child is President of the United States.

Debate moderator, Chris Wallace, is a veteran and respected news reporter who is as close to being objective and fair as any reporter on cable news. He gave advanced notice that he would not be fact checking the debaters and he did not. What he should have done, but could not, was insist that the President abide by the stipulated debate rules that required that candidates not interrupt and attempt to talk over their opponent. President Trump, ever the schoolyard bully, could not or would not comply, thus turning an intended vehicle for enlightening voters into a national embarrassment.  

Unfortunately, expulsion from office is not an option so long as the U.S. Senate is controlled by Trump cult acolytes. Democrats explored that option a few months ago.  What can and will work is for Democrats and Independents to turn out for Joe Biden as they did for Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012.

Robert Hoffman

Santa Maria


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