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Assault-style weapons should fall under 1934 ban

"Guns don't kill, people do" couldn't be more accurate, nor could a stronger statement be made for gun control. Already this year, there have been almost 4,000 gun related deaths or injuries.

It's one thing for the public to possess a weapon that requires expertise to hit something; it's another when the public is allowed to possess a weapon so powerful and deadly that it requires no expertise to cause devastation and death. Assault-type weapons require no more skill than waving the muzzle around with bullets spewing out of them like water gushing from a high-pressure hose. I suspect this is the reason those who want to cause mass deaths use them.

In 1934 during the era of Machine Gun Kelly and Al Capone, their weapon of choice was the machine gun, the Tommy gun. Congress realized the danger if the public had access to such a destructive weapon so they banned their sale to the public. Shouldn't assault-style weapons come under that 1934 ban?

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Betty Gunn

Santa Maria