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Big business gets big win

U.S. corporations that send business overseas pay less for labor, hide profits, ruin the environment, pay no taxes in the new host country — and will now will pay less tax in the U.S. than their tax lawyers have been able to cut because of this Republican tax-reform bill.

We hope for karma and boycotts.

Libby Breen


Thank you for Altrusa support

As the "festival of trees" has come to a close, the Altrusa International of the Central coast would like to sincerely thank the many sponsors who made this event possible. From their generosity many non-profits will benefit from the moneys raised. The success of the beautiful display of Christmas trees was made possible by your support.

A special "thank you" goes out to the many high schools students at Santa Maria, Righetti and Pioneer. FFA, ASTRA and AVID. We love you guys.

To the many people who came, not only from our city but from all over the county and state, to view the trees and most importantly to purchase raffle tickets, we thank you.

Until next year, Merry Christmas and best wishes in the new year

Richard Giachetto

Foundation Member

Altrusa Int'l of the Central Coast Inc.

Please help others, Santa

This Santa Claus was handed a hand-printed letter a few weeks back by a little girl eight or nine years old. She had asked me for a dog for Christmas, and I had told her that her parents and I would talk it over, and it was up to them. This was her letter of response:

Dear Santa,

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I made up my mind. I want a real Dog p.s. A Golden retriever.

If you can not get it you can get me or do this for me ...

Give the kids that don’t have toys and clothes a happy Christmas. I also want you to give the kids that don’t have parents also a happy Christmas. Please help all those people that are suffering.

Thank you,

Miranda Clara Flores

Gale McNeeley

Santa Maria