Border plan a slap in the face

I certainly agree with a Lompoc letter writer on borderline influx. Biden invited them to come to America, now we are overrun with illegals from all over the world, as well as the drug cartel infiltrating America. Biden blames Trump.

Biden stated that we do not have a problem at the border. How would he know? He and Kamala Harris have refused to visit the border. They have prevented the press from taking pictures, and violated our freedom to bear arms and all of our Constitutional rights. He should be impeached for what he is doing to our country.

Discontinuing the building of the wall will allow the cartel a free hand to bring in more drugs, human trafficking and transporting illegal children to our cities, all at a time when Biden is aware the virus is not under control. Many of these children have not been vaccinated and may have the virus. Things can only get worse.

The hate many liberals have for Trump is unbelievable. Is it because he made America great again? Remember no one is perfect, only God.

I love my country and will always defend our rights. Socialism is communism. Is that what you really want for America, and our press telling us what you can do or cannot do? Our Constitution was written to protect us from people that choose to dictate to us.

To solve the border problem, we need to send all who are here illegally back to their respective countries.

Biden is spending our money for a lost cause and it is a slap in the face to we Americans, including the people that waited for their turn to come to America to become American citizens legally.

Mickey Freeman

Santa Maria

Hemp, cannabis, they smell the same

“What’s the difference between cannabis and hemp? Really nothing”

Science tells us there is a considerable difference between the two. I don’t see any hemp shops opening up in the county. As far as smell ... ask the residents of Tepusquet Canyon, ask the residents of the Santa Ynez Valley, ask the residents of Carpinteria, ask the public schools in Carpinteria, where they have to air out the classrooms before students are allowed in.

I have had the not-so-enjoyable experience of living downwind from either a hemp or cannabis farm ... I even wrote to our county supervisor ... the smell was so bad that it forced my wife and I inside. One could taste it. If you’ve ever smelled a skunk after it’s sprayed, then you would know what cannabis smells and tastes like, only the smell never goes away.

I hope the vineyard owners fight tooth and nail to keep the Maldonados and their cannabis operation from getting approval. That smell will ruin their winery. Truthfully

Ray Smith

Santa Maria

Support more funding for higher ed

Re “California needs a new Master Plan for Higher Education”; Commentary, May 3.

California’s public higher education institutions do need more funding. But Nils Gilman’s financing plan would “rob Peter to pay Paul” by taking all state funding from the UC system to make up for inadequate state funding for the CSU and CCC systems.

His plan would require big UC tuition increases, which would limit access to just the wealthiest students and those students who would qualify for scholarships. At a time when California and the country are seeking to expand economic opportunities and address social inequities, we should vigorously support funding to increase, rather than limit, access to all our public colleges and universities.

As California Coalition for Public Higher Education co-chairs, we believe that support for the University of California, California State University and California Community College systems is an investment in their promise of success for people from all walks of life and in a strong future for our state’s economy.

Dick Ackerman is a Republican and former California state senator from Orange County. Mel Levine is a Democrat and a former U.S. Representative from Los Angeles.