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Branding themselves as anti-American

It's obvious that the Obama-era Democrats in the White House need some adult supervision. Sitting on their hands and making pained faces during Trump's State of the Union Speech wasn't just a demonstration of resistance to justify their juvenile behavior or even a continuation of their relentless attacks and attempts to undermine his presidency.

Their refusal to stand or applaud any of Trump's successes, the American heroes he introduced, or any mention of God, America, the flag, border security, the defeat of ISIS, 2.4 million new jobs and a new tax bill didn't just demonstrate a heartfelt disrespect for Donald Trump, it demonstrated a heartfelt disrespect for America as well.

It's becoming more and more obvious just how angry, vengeful and corrupt the Democrat Party and their left wing media have become. Recent revelations about officials' behavior at the highest levels show liberalism's not only succeeded in corrupting liberal colleges and universities but the DOJ, the IRS and even the FBI -- an institution that should be above reproach but obviously is far from it.

Now even though America's growing and its people are thriving, the Democrats and their left wing media are enraged to the point of hysteria, while it's becoming more and more apparent that they haven't just branded themselves just as anti-Trump, they've branded themselves as anti-American as well.

Larry Bargenquast

Paso Robles

Trump should use respectful terms

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During the State of the Union, President Trump stated that he wanted to work with both Democrats and Republicans to put together an immigration bill. One of his proposed changes to immigration involves the "Family Reunification Program." This program allows immigrants to apply to have their family members brought to the United States. The President wants to limit this to parents and children. In other words, brothers, sisters and grandparents could no longer legally join family already legally living in the United States.

When President Trump speaks of family reunification, he uses the term "chain migration," a term that amy consider derogatory and dehumanizing. The reason is that African Americans were forcibly brought to the United States in chains. Then they were placed on blocks and sold in chains. If they were brave enough to escape their owners, dogs sniffed them out and they were brought back to the plantation dragged behind a wagon in chains.

President Trump, if you are truly interested in compromise, will you please speak about other people in respectful terms?

Priscilla Herzog