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Caravan ‘invasion’

Guatemalan authorities say the caravan now making its way to the U.S. is very organized and well-orchestrated. Organized by leftist groups, it has rest points along the route with food, water and shelter for the migrants as well as medical care in some areas.

All the migrants interviewed by Judicial Watch, a watchdog organization, repeated the same rehearsed line when asked who organized the caravan, insisting it was a spontaneous event even though there were clearly organizers shouting instructions in Spanish and putting select persons in front of cameras for interviews.

More caravans are already being organized to invade the U.S. In 2014, 52,000 unaccompanied alien children entered the U.S. during the Obama administration. Where are the 52,000 unaccompanied children now? Are they in schools, joining the MS-13 gang or just idle?

I think we should be prepared to see a carefully-orchestrated, violent confrontation at the border for the cameras. Let’s hope not.

Al Hesson


A question of housing

Surely there was a miscommunication in the article regarding housing the H-2A workers. There it is, plain as day.

The quote went, ”The house next to mine is not a suitable place to house H-2A workers.” But apparently, the house next to mine is a great place to house them. Is your neighborhood too elite for fieldworkers, while mine is just right for an extra 40 people living there?

I can't believe someone said that out loud. I have a great idea. Since that person along with the rest of the City Council seems to feel that bringing other people's property values down is OK as long as they are making a big profit off the workers, why not require that every H-2A worker's house equals one placed next to a council member's house. But let's limit the number of residents of that house to less than 12 per bedroom.

There is no shortage of labor. There are an estimated 20,000-30,000 illegal immigrants in this county. Make a stipulation that they apply to work in the fields, they get on the books, pay taxes, come into the above-ground economy, and they can stay. Maybe the construction industry can make a comeback.

Boris Roberts

Santa Maria

Thankful for 'Real Men Cook' success

Arts Outreach and its board or directors would like to thank everyone who helped make our annual Real Men Cook fundraiser a huge success.

From Monty and Pat Roberts, who once again graciously allowed us to hold the event at Flag Is Up Farms to our outstanding community volunteers who helped our small staff make the benefit run smoothly, this event could not happen without the tremendous support of many.

A big thank you to our business sponsors who donated time and goods, and a huge thanks to the 27 vintners/brewers who donated their time and delicious refreshments and also to the 56 amateur chefs who donated their time and cooking talents to help make this the most successful RMC ever.

Finally, thank you to the more than 500 community members who came to enjoy the fun and help Arts Outreach in our mission to continue to bring arts experiences to the students and seniors of our wonderful community.

Mark your calendars for RMC 2019, which will take place on Oct. 12.

Sandie Mullin

Los Olivos

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