Letters to the Editor: Casting an early vote for Bob Nelson; Stop the racial divide; Common goodness and respect is needed

Letters to the Editor: Casting an early vote for Bob Nelson; Stop the racial divide; Common goodness and respect is needed


Casting an early vote for Bob Nelson

The next election may be a year away, but it is not too early to express my support for Bob Nelson for the position of 4th District Santa Barbara County Supervisor.

In my view, Bob embodies all that we desire in a public servant. He is a product of this community, is involved in numerous local organizations, and has a deep understanding of community issues through his work as chief of staff for current 4th District county Supervisor Peter Adam. Bob is a good listener, a hard worker, and an inclusive leader who brings people together. He seeks – and gets – results. And Bob is a person of character who can be counted on to lead with honesty and integrity.

I invite everyone in the 4th District to save the date of March 3, 2020. Let’s all be ready on that day to elect Bob Nelson to the Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors.

Joe Dana


Stop the racial divide

Let's get serious about ending the racial divide in our great nation. To start with, quit mixing ancestry with citizenship. Quit describing people by the color of their skin. The press and government are obsessed with descriptors like African-American, Mexican-American. Either can be a citizen or a non-citizen. African, Mexican, Asian are ancestries but caucasian is not. I am proud of my Polish ancestery, more so of my natural American citizenship; but I do not expect to be listed as Polish-American. See my point? Let's quit this racial divide!

Ted Suchecki


Common goodness, respect is needed

Deb Andrews' opinion post should disqualify her as a candidate for any position regarding education. She clearly has her sights set on higher politics and is using fear to forward her agenda.

Her post conveniently forgot to include that the governor left over 100 national guard officers at the border to work in conjunction with border patrol. He pulled the unnecessary troops, which were clearly overkill, thereby saving the taxpayers but still supporting the border. There is no invasion. I have also been to El Paso as recently as last year. Guess what, no invasion. I understand the opinion section is just that, opinion. It should be kept there.

After reading this "opinion" I decided to google more info on the author. That's when I discovered this person has aspired to be on the school board.

This type of spin is okay for the opinion segment of a paper. Not, I say, for the young sponge-like minds of our children.

Let her campaign, but let it be someplace other than our public schools.

Our communities suffer enough with this extreme right and extreme left mentality. Lets raise a community of people with common goodness and respect for others. A generation who can make decisions based on factual evidence and not hearsay or rhetoric. That's how we make America great. May God bless America.

Jerry Hernandez



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