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Cat’s death unnecessary

An unnecessary tragedy occurred recently. My neighbor's beautiful, white, silky-haired lady cat was killed by a brindle pit bull.

The cat would come to the back gate where she and my neutered black tuxedo cat would stare at each other. Each got some cat food. They could share a meal.

I heard the cat scream but when I got to the gate, the dog had the cat firmly in her jaws and would not let got until I finally hit the dog in a spot that made it let go. Then it ran off.

Guadalupe police and County Animal Control searched and found the dog, which will be impounded.

As sick as I am over this incident, I hope the dog can be spared. When you take on a pet, care for it: register, collar, tags, spay/neuter and keep it safe.

Shirley Boydstun


Only solution is removing assault rifles

In keeping with a proposal of the National Rifle Association, President Trump has suggested arming as many as 20 percent of the nation's educators as a way to stop student massacres such as occurred most recently at Parkland, Florida.

He emphasizes that teachers packing concealed guns be “gun savvy” and highly trained. He further suggests that they be paid a stipend for the added responsibility of identifying, confronting, and presumably, eliminating would-be assassins.

In the considered opinion of this former high school teacher, coach, school board member and veteran, I can think of no suggested remedy to school shootings more likely to exacerbate rather than mitigate the likelihood of these occurrences than that offered by our President.

Rather, it demonstrates his unfamiliarity with the realities of firearms, public school classrooms, and the ways in which individuals react to life and death situations. Unless armed with weapons comparable to the assault rifles wielded by the shooters, teachers and security guards would be hopelessly outgunned and, in any case, bullets flying in all directions are unlikely to result in fewer casualties.

Even our most highly trained police officers are sometimes the victims of accidental self-inflicted wounds and friendly fire and, on occasion, kill or wound unintended targets.

Mass shooters are domestic terrorists. Mass shooters will be stopped only when our NRA-beholden legislators have the intestinal fortitude to deny them the means. Except in the hands of law enforcement officers and on-duty members of National Guard units military style assault rifles – our modern day counterparts to the “well organized militias” referenced in the 2nd Amendment - serve no purpose other than to perpetrate mass killing and a process for removing them from our streets must be undertaken immediately.

Robert Hoffman

Santa Maria

Back students getting off the bus

Five days a week I sit in my car, looking into the rear-view mirror. I am waiting for two big, yellow buses to appear. Joshua, age 12, gets off the second yellow bus. Won't you add your voice to those who would like to see Joshua, and all the others, keep getting off the bus?

John Forsmark

Santa Maria