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Chance to affect change by marching

On Saturday, March 24, a “March For Our Lives” will take place in Washington DC and in cities around the country.

This action is initiated and driven by the students who survived the mass shooting at Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. As a former Cabrillo High School counselor, as a parent and as a human being, I am grieving for the victims of this horrible event but at the same time, heartened by the fervor of the young surviving students who, in the midst of tragedy, are ready to face legislators with the demand to change gun laws so that school children can be safer on their campus.

I encourage local students and their families to participate in one of the marches (or create one in your own community). Go to for information. We can make a difference and affect change. But to do so, we need to show up and make our voices heard.

Lauren Pressman

Sierra Madre

Felonies not equated with 'meddling'

When did "bank fraud," "wire fraud," felonies become "meddling"? I looked at that 37-page indictment and there is not one instance of the word 'meddle."

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Now, I am an old woman, I meddle. I know very well what that word means: to interfere in or busy oneself unduly with something that is not one's concern. All the newscasters are reporting 'meddling' and today's AP headline is "meddling." Well, they are charged with felonies, not acting like an old woman.

This soft pedaling of such an important, threatening occurrence, reminds me of the soft coverage this president got during his campaign which helped the "trolls" on their mission to execute what they called their "Information War" upon the U.S.

Just the facts, report what is in the indictment, and don't forget the old woman on Mother's Day!

Pat Lala

Santa Maria