City logo does not reflect Columbus' merits

As pointed out by several contributors to this forum, the adoption of the city's name and its current logo are not, and were never intended to be, a reflection on the merits of Cristopher Columbus or on his flagship. That our city's name and that of Columbus' flagship are the same is strictly coincidental. The popular depiction of said ship is well known but is, at best, an educated guess as no plans or drawings of the vessel are known to exist and Columbus made scant reference to it in his accounts of his voyage.

Columbus, like most of the world's most renowned explorers, was motivated by the prospects of personal wealth, fame, and scientific inquiry. He is no more nor less responsible for atrocities against native inhabitants of the Caribbean and Central America as are American explorers Lewis and Clark for the genocide of Indigenous Americans west of the Mississippi River.

Columbus was not a perfect human being but he was not, as one letter writer asserts, a slaver nor was the Santa Maria a slave ship. It is, in fact, unlikely that an Indigenous American was ever aboard the vessel prior to its wreckage on a reef. Columbus returned to Spain on one of his two escort vessels leaving most of the the Santa Maria's crew to fend for themselves. They did not survive his return two years later.

Robert Hoffman

Santa Maria

Tired of looking to place blame

Please do not bow to the wishes or demands of folks in our city wanting to destroy the history of our Santa Maria Valley. I am very tired of people looking to blame someone for something that happened years ago. They do not know the circumstances that caused something they are now unhappy with. These complainers did not walk in the shoes of our forefathers, they seriously do not know what happened or if it really did, what caused it to happen and they possibly would have done the same deed.

We all have made mistakes, there has only been one perfect person created by the hand of God, are there any persons out there in our world that have not made a mistake, hurt someone without giving any thought to it or after doing the deed or saying what they did, have regrets?

If there is anyone that is that pure, let that person cast the first stone.

How many of us, especially in my age bracket that worked hard, field work, happy to have the job, but worked and improved our way of life. How many of my age bracket had children and actually used cloth diapers that had to be washed by hand in a tub of cold water outside in the weather and hang them on a clothes line to dry. In the winter, you brought them in while still wet and hung them all over the house hoping they dried before needed for baby.

How many of my age went to school when they didn’t have to work because Dad, the bread winner, had drank up his pay check. Mom was pregnant again and you were the eldest girl so you had to feed the younger kids, straighten up.

Dottie Lyons

Santa Maria