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Concerns about Santa Maria High renovation

I am not convinced the Santa Maria High School renovation plan is the best for the community, students or staff.

First, viable buildings will be torn down including the original Santa Maria Community College wing, the home economics rooms and the science building. This will displace more than 20 teachers. I know from previous modernization projects that the quality of the counters, cabinets and the natural lighting will not be an improvement.

Second, placing the front of the school on Morrison with its narrow lanes, crosswalks at Lincoln, Pine and Thornburg and no left turn light from Morrison onto Broadway will be a traffic nightmare.

Third, can you imagine 10 classrooms on the third floor, meaning 360 students going up and down staircases during the 10-minute passing period? I'm not convinced high student density areas are good for a high school campus.

Fourth, when will the teachers who will have classrooms in the new three-story building get to have input or at least see the classroom plans? There must be a design option that better utilizes the open areas and knowledge of students and automobile traffic issues. Will the district office and school board insist the Los Angeles architects find one?

Shelley Klein

Santa Maria

Taking pride in all Saints

I was recently insulted and angered by the wording “Saints a laughingstock in literally every sport, football especially” included in a sports commentary this past week.

The success of the current Santa Maria Saints football team is something everyone can be really proud of. I most certainly am.

But the commentary highlighting the SMHS football team’s accomplishments, along with others from the Central Coast also demeans “literally every sport” athlete, parent, fan, staff and coach of Saints athletics “since 1994.”

Over the years 1989-2011, while I was a teacher and coach at SMHS, I was very proud of all our sports teams, often for reasons beyond the won/lost records. I believe that W/L records are but one of many measures of success. It seems that some writers not only have ignored numerous successful W/L measures — soccer most notably among others — but also the real successes of high school athletics, sportsmanship, teamwork, etc., and the awards they brought to SMHS.

It is obvious to me, and I hope all the other Saint’s supporters, that those comments by some are ill-informed and inappropriate.

Bob Campagne

Santa Maria

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