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Letters to the Editor: Condemning the madness; What will become of Trump supporters?

Letters to the Editor: Condemning the madness; What will become of Trump supporters?

Condemning the madness

I was watching the TV news and I saw local people returning from Washington D.C., where they attended the Capitol riot on Jan. 6.

Just like most of the country, I had no idea that something this insane was going to happen. But apparently, it had been well thought out for weeks. I was visualizing a possible travel brochure for what seemed to me a vacation riot.

Visit Washington D.C. for a "Riot Vacation". For only $1,200 per person double occupancy. View your itinerary and have your credit card ready:

1. Reservations for an airplane, hotel room, and a car rental.

2. Get to the airport, check in, fly to D.C., get a car, check into the hotel.

3. Wake up the next morning, have breakfast and get dressed in a costume for the riot. Don't forget pipe bombs, riot gear, clubs and flags. (not included in the price of your vacation)

4. Drive to the White House, pay for parking and walk to the rally.

5. After hearing President Trump's speech to cheer on the crowd, join forces, walk to the Capitol with your fellow anarchists.

6. Break into United States Capitol, smash, steal everything you can.

7. Drive to the airport, return the car, fly home.

You can sleep well tonight revolutionary, knowing you are a patriot and that you demonstrated to the world how much you love America.

I intend no disrespect, only to point out and condemn the madness.

Cary De Grosa


What will become of Trump supporters?

No matter how much you love President Trump he lost the election.

He lost over 50 appeals in regional courts often presided over by Trump- appointed judges. The Supreme Court Justices, most of whom were appointed by Republican presidents, ruled that Trump’s appeal was without merit and would not even hear the case.

The Joint Houses of Congress affirmed the election of Joe Biden. In an unprecedented move, the Joint Chiefs of Staffs of the military released a letter stating that “in accordance with the Constitution … President-elect Joe Biden will be inaugurated.”

So why do so many people still believe that Donald Trump won the election. The answer can be found in a 2016 speech given by republican Sen. Mitt Romney who said, “Donald Trump is a con man.” A lot of good, smart people have been taken in by Donald Trump. Intelligence and education don’t guarantee you won’t be taken in by a con artist because conmen appeal to emotion and pre-existing biases and affiliations.

Single issue voters are especially susceptible to corrupt politicians. All a candidate needs to do is to dangle an issue, like abortion or taxes, and a single-issue voter stops paying attention. A con artist demands absolute loyalty and tells his supporters to mistrust any viewpoint but his. A con artist recognizes existing divisions and encourages his followers to hate and fear the other side. A con artist flatters his mark and can get him to support actions that previously would have been unthinkable.

Donald Trump is living proof that you can fool 47% of the people all the time. Joe Biden will be inaugurated on Jan. 20, but the lingering question is  who, like most of us just want what’s best for our country?

Molly Machin



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