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Elections and voters

Even Trump's bogus committee investigating illegal votes had to shut down for no proof except for two Trump voters each from Iowa and Florida.

Non-citizens, even the Chinese, French and Canadians, cannot vote in our elections without proof. Ballots for the rest of us can be sent to the county registrar in a provided envelope with our necessary signatures on the front.

The problem with the Trump selection was voter suppression, thrown-away ballots, Russian interference, Wikileaks, media bias, Comey's not revealing Trump was being investigated by the FBI, while coming out with a bogus warning about email on Weiner's computer.

Republican election officials have made the ID process harder for those who don't drive. Electronic voting machines like Diebold makes any backup record non-existent. That's why some states have gone back to paper ballots.

Gerrymandering has easily elected the kind of uneducated politicians we see in office now.

A recent contributor threw everything but the kitchen sink into her guest commentary — except the truth. I hate to think of Lompoc voters as ill-informed, but judging from some letters to the editor, it's a thought.

Libby Breen


Why is there a decline in churchgoers?

A reader recently wrote about the decline in churchgoers. I was the third generation of the church I grew up in. I also had nine years of Catholic school and was asked to leave because I refused to go to confession. The children are taught from day one that we're "all sinners." I was "blessed" to later go to a public school and be around everyday people who were "allowed" to have a voice and opinion.

I had a very loving father. That's why I always questioned why God would send me to eternal fire in hell for missing church on a Sunday. This was a "mortal sin" and if I were to die before confessing this, I would go to hell?

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My two sisters wed in the Church. They promised to "love, honor, and obey" their husbands. Are women considered children? How many husbands are abusive? Then there's birth control. Most women love and want kids, but how many enjoyed sex if they had to worry about getting pregnant each time? Most of my friends had five or six siblings. One had 10.

The sex abuse scandals have also kept people away from the church. My dad worked two jobs to put us through school and to give to the Sunday collection. How many millions were spent because of this abuse?

I was given the love of my fellow students because we shared the verbal and physical abuse for years. We had each other. I received God's love years later, praying with two other teens.

Arleen Miller