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Letters to the Editor: Endorsing Victor Vega for Lompoc mayor; Republicans are party of emancipation; Trump's a tough record to match; Privatizing the postal service is a mistake

Letters to the Editor: Endorsing Victor Vega for Lompoc mayor; Republicans are party of emancipation; Trump's a tough record to match; Privatizing the postal service is a mistake

Endorsing Victor Vega for Lompoc mayor

I endorse Lompoc councilmember Victor Vega for election to mayor. Victor is against raising taxes to support more city spending because most people are currently hurting financially. His opponent favors raising taxes to pay for enhancing the government without regard for the people of our community who must pay for those enhancements.

Victor sees the No. 1 challenge to our community is PERS (Public Employees Retirement System). The city employees have amassed a huge unfunded debt to PERS, and Lompoc is now paying 7.5% interest on that debt. (Mortgage rates to buy a house are less than 3%.). The debt must be paid down by using most of the proceeds from the recent 1% tax approved by the voters.

Victor’s opponent wants to spend most of the new tax proceeds on the city government, not PERS. This is like taking from the poor and giving to the well-off, while ignoring the approaching PERS tornado.

Victor has a heart for our community and sees the need to create more income for the people. His plan is to streamline the government approval process to assist new businesses thereby creating more jobs.

His opponent plans on wind turbines, on the Space Force coming to Vandenberg, and unlimited population growth. However, you must be a turbine engineer, wear an Air Force uniform, or be a rocket scientist to earn one of those jobs. As to population growth, that has been tried by the city government for over 30 years with little success.

Mayor Victor Vega means low taxes, addressing PERS, streamlined government, and more jobs for a better community.

David Grill


Republicans are party of emancipation

Is anyone else as sick of hearing “racist” as much as I am? If you disagree with me, then I’m a racist. If you say something I don’t like, then you are a racist. Everyone’s a racist. Give me a break.

I am especially tired of people labeling Trump a racist because he wants to secure our borders. Do you lock your house? Do you lock your car? Does that make you're a racist if someone tries to break in and rob your home or steal your car? Of course not. It’s ridiculous.

Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff and just about every other Democrat you can name blame Trump for everything. He’s been in office less than four years. Biden has 48 years, Pelosi 33, Schumer and Schiff are career politicians. They have had decades in which to fix all of America’s problems. Why aren’t they fixed? Talk is cheap.

They promise you the world and deliver you nothing. Show me what they have done for this country in the last four years. Where’s the list? With no record to show for themselves they resort to name calling and the blame game.

Trump’s policies have resulted in the lowest Black and Hispanic unemployment in history? Would he, as a racist, try to provide jobs and a better life for people of color? When you vote remember which cities are in turmoil, which cities have the most gun violence, which cities are in the worst shape financially and which party controls them. Democrats.

Remember also which party wants to defund the police and has yet to speak out against the violence and brutality in these same cities. Research, and discover which party wanted to keep Black people enslaved and which party was behind emancipation.

Ellis Romero

Santa Maria

Trump's a tough record to match

A recent letter writer wrote: "I am looking forward to seeing the list of Trump's accomplishments. I believe it will be a short one." Off the top of my head, I would like to reply starting with the fastest response in history to a virus pandemic including sending hospital ships to each coast even though they were not used.

President Trump has been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize for brokering a peace accord between the UAE and Israel. The Trump Administration has also settled differences between Kosovo and Serbia. It was President Trump that had a summit in Singapore with North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un which has resulted in fewer if any more missles being launched in our direction. It is President Trump that is pulling troops out of Iraq and other foreign nations to halt "Endless Wars".

A favorite of mine is President Trump's fixing the previous long waiting times at a VA Hospital and making them patient-friendly. I also appreciated the large middle-class tax cut along with record-low unemployment prior to COVID-19 with more Blacks, Hispanics, and women in the workforce than at any other time. Providing additional funding to predominantly Black colleges and universities is a big deal.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but this is a tough record to match.

Ralph Bush

Arroyo Grande

Privatizing the postal service is a mistake

Donald Trump has put forth too many destructive positions and policies to even begin to list. Everything from building a wall and making Mexico pay for it to encouraging Americans to use a household disinfectant to treat coronavirus. And he has never seen a corporation he didn’t like. Given the chance he would probably privatize every aspect of American life from national parks to Social Security. But it is his recent proposals to privatize the US Postal Service that really hit home for me.

The post office is an American institution: it predates the American flag, and remains to this day one of the most popular government agencies. The USPS employs over 600,000 workers and is one of the biggest employers of veterans.

Privatizing the postal service will result in severe job loss and lower wages for those who remain. That’s exactly what happened in Europe. It will also result in reduced service for small towns and rural communities where the profit is lower. Corporations work for their shareholders not for us. Their job is to minimize costs and maximize profits.

But it is my personal story that compelled me to write this letter. I am the daughter of a mail man. During a time when there were very few decent jobs for Black men, the post office paid a living wage and did not discriminate, almost unheard of in those days.

My father left for work at 4 a.m., carried a 40-pound leather pack on his back and walked from home to home in rain, snow or sweltering heat, and he never complained. He took pride in his work and, with both parents working, they were able to buy a modest row house, raise four children and give each of us the opportunity to go to college.

The post office made it possible for me to earn a bachelor's and a master's degree, and pursue a career I loved and provide a middle class life for my children. If the postal service is privatized the rich will get richer and the latter that allowed so many Americans to enter the middle class, will disappear.

Margaret Tillery

Santa Maria


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