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Explain reasons Trump is a good president

Anti-Trump letters explain why, exactly, they dislike this man, easy since his many flaws are so obvious. But Trump's supporters don't explain why they like him in any detail, so how their minds work is puzzling to those who see the real Donald Trump.

Defenders say only that he does things "his way, not the Washington business-as-usual way." What, precisely, is good about "his way?" The factual evidence is that the man personally is corrupt, unethical and grossly immoral. Whatever, Trump's "own way" is killing our democracy. Whether hiring a guy to cut the grass or remove a brain tumor, most of us want an experienced person.

Why, Trump-supporters, don't we require experience for the United States' Presidency? What, precisely, is good about instability from the persistent chaos in the White House? What's good for America about Trump's totally inexperienced family members fulfilling critically important roles in government in place of knowledgeable, experienced experts in the particular field?

How exactly does America benefit from a man proud of his womanizing? Why is character in a President no longer important? How do cabinet appointees who damage the areas they should defend, but are good at spending thousands of tax payer dollars renovating their offices strengthening our country? How does any Christian countenance Trump's personal behavior and legislation he supports that damages the poor? How do we benefit from a President who requires "keepers" to keep him calm or to try to explain what he means when he says crazy things? Why like a lazy man who won't read, so must have things explained to him? And the list goes on.

So, Trump supporters, how about sharing some concrete reasons for thinking Trump is a good President? 

Jack Miles

Santa Maria