Fallacy of omission

The editorial board is guilty of the liberal journalistic fallacy of omission. For example, their “Walled off from reality” editorial misrepresented our President by omitting the critical word illegal when they wrote “administration’s crackdown on immigration”.

They further attempt to mislead when they falsely attribute loss of past “programs that facilitate foreign workers to cross the border legally.” The fact is liberal California unionization of transient farm worker policies killed this program, leading to the illegal migrations, not President Trump.

Their third distortion stating President Trump’s “new rules making it more difficult … to get green cards” is equally false. The old and still existing legal immigration application process requires that the applicants for green cards certify they are financially independent, not dependent on government subsistence, as well as being free of communicable diseases, and no risk to our security.

There were even more misstatements in this piece I need not point out to make my point. Do not take as truth what you read in the opinion section. In my humble opinion, our liberal slanted editors are facilitating theft against the citizenry by their omissions and misrepresentations.

Ted Suchecki


Hoop structures becoming intrusive

Plastic hoops over vegetation are ruining Santa Maria. At first there were just a few. Now, there are hundreds of them on every hillside. Is it possible to stop them? I hate for our beautiful little town of Santa Maria to become an eyesore and it is happening right before our eyes.

Sharon Fox

Santa Maria

Trump's only aim is getting rich

The article in Sunday's paper about the Trump administration challenging California's power to control emissions is just another reporting of how the corrupt Trump administration is trampling on individual rights in favor of profit for big corporations.

California enacts laws to protect the health and well being of it's citizens and Trump comes along and says you can't do that. Trump has and continues to roll back any and all regulations providing all U.S. citizens rights for clean air, clean water, and pristine wilderness areas for to enjoy in order to increase the profits of his billionaire buddies.

Is the almighty dollar so much more important than people's health? Why does Trump care so much about California protecting it's citizens with rules tougher than the ones he wants to enforce? He has said he loves coal and he loves the poorly educated. He rolled back regulations on the coal industry and the result (according to the UMW President) is that coal fired energy plants are still closing faster than under Obama.

The Obama regulations were projected to save 3,400 lives a year from pollution. Trump's rollback wiped that out and added 1,400 deaths in 2018. Yes, Mr. Trump and his "sharpie" effectively killed 4,800 U.S. citizens.

He is a sad, failed President who works and operates only for the rich and powerful and to enrich himself instead of the people of the United States.

Stan Novara

Santa Maria


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