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Fixing our roadways is long overdue

Where are all the vehicles fixing our roads? I have not seen one; driving down Broadway is ridiculous, as one example. There are major cracks, potholes and unsafe areas all around the city. It makes me so angry when I see all the new development (homes and businesses) happening but no road repairs. Take a drive, city leaders and "feel" it for yourselves.

Lori Sexty

Santa Maria

Slavery has been around as long as humans

I’m a pro-Trump/Reagan conservative, Christian Republican, lifetime NRA member and former Minuteman volunteer who taught inner city adolescents for 26 years – three years in one school where the African American vice principal carried a .38 in his jacket pocket whenever he went out on campus.

I’m not a racist, bigot or a hater, and I’m sick and tired of those who constantly clump all white conservatives under those headings and worse, up to and including President Trump. This strange phenomenon is actually a denial of qualities by attributing them to others, a stress-related emotional disorder well-documented in psychology books called Projection, the Barnum Effect, the Imposter Syndrome, or as coach Sharon Lamb once said “If you spot it, you got it!”

Some of these people think slavery didn’t even exist until Americans brought blacks from Africa, many sold into slavery by tribal leaders, to work in the cotton fields, when the truth is slavery was a way of life which existed many centuries before America was even discovered.

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Whenever a people conquered others they either killed or made slaves of them. There were white slaves in Europe a thousand years before Europeans ever saw a black person. Romans enslaved the Greeks, Gauls, Jews, and whoever else they conquered. The word slave came from ‘Slav’ because many Roman slaves were from Slavic countries. African tribes all over the country took slaves and Native Americans had slaves before white people even set foot on the continent.

Larry Bargenquast

Paso Robles