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Give thanks for volunteers

As we near the Thanksgiving season, we think back over the year’s blessings for the support given to GenSpan throughout the community.

The GenSpan Foundation is especially thankful for our volunteers who give of their time in the classrooms and field trips who do make a difference in the life of our students.

A blessed Thanksgiving to all.

Brenda Frazier

Executive director


Roy Moore is a victim

It is clear the charge against Roy Moore is a commonly-used political tactic of playing the sex card to disgrace Moore.

Assuming the charges made against him are true, they occurred many years ago and none were proven to made with hostile intent.

So, why is this happening? This is a coordinated effort by establishment Republicans to defeat a Steve Bannon candidate for Senate.

How do these charges compare to the long list of sexual improprieties in the federal government over the years?

This is an outrage. Those who accuse Moore of being a pedophile are wrong, many of whom have their own conduct to answer for — given the fault we see in others oft times exists in ourselves.

Otis Page

Arroyo Grande

Embrace legalization, taxation of weed

It seems as though the cannabis vote by the Lompoc City Council on Nov. 7 has put some of my fellow Lompocans noses out of joint.

A letter to the editor even suggested that some of our council members are actually domestic enemies of our Constitution. But what about the 10th Amendment?

The State of California’s vote to make cannabis legal is a big, beautiful example of states’ rights at its finest. It is a shining example of Federalism and an embrace of the free market. A majority of California voters voted to make recreational marijuana legal. The people who don’t want recreational marijuana lost. The people spoke.

And if you don’t like taxes, this is great for you because if you don’t purchase marijuana, then you’ll never have to pay the tax and you’ll still enjoy the benefits from the tax revenue. Since we seem (or at least some on the city council seem) reticent to raise taxes the ordinary way, this will be a great way to raise the revenue this city sorely needs. If enough people go into shops and purchase legal weed, maybe we can tear up Jim Mosby’s ‘list of doom’ for good. Smoke a joint, save a park.

I appreciate the concern by some church groups about where the future recreational marijuana stores may be sited. How about using the same ordinance for siting liquor stores? And those concerned that soon there will be a pot shop on every corner will find that free market principles will determine how many shops will ultimately succeed.

Lompoc may have started as a temperance colony but it’s high time we thoughtfully embrace the legalization and taxation of weed.

Leah Braitman


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