Governing not one-man show

William Gloege’s guest commentary is thought-provoking, but omits several points regarding how the lessons of Germany are relative to the United States.

In the U.S., one man or one woman-rule has numerous obstacles. The one man — the president — while powerful, is severely restricted in directing actions. For example, the president can do little unless Congress appropriates funds to take any actions. The president cannot take money appropriated for one action and arbitrarily apply that money to another action of his or her choice.

True, the president can take emergency actions in the event of an emergency, but if congressional leaders or others assess that his or her actions are not proper/legal, immediate legal steps can be taken to stop those actions.

In order for the president to literally take control of our country, he or she would need to assassinate or otherwise remove every member of the Supreme Court and over 50 leaders of Congress so the rest of the sheep would fall in line. While this is possible, it is highly unlikely.

What is more likely is that as the president started on such an unhinged path, one of the members of his inner circle would take action and have the president hospitalized for a mental assessment.

Jim Vint

Santa Maria

Don't wait on temporary sales tax

So, the brain trust on the Lompoc City Council, led by Councilman Jim Mosby, thinks it’s a good idea to approve a budget that will cut several positions and then maybe start discussing a tax measure in April of 2020.

This clearly demonstrates the shallowness of their thinking on a major problem for citizens and employees of the City.

Cuts will impact the police, fire, parks, library and street maintenance departments. Public safety, including proactive police patrols, and the capability to quickly attack and control home and business fires will suffer.  And, you may have to put emergency medical issues on hold until a fire crew is available to respond. As for parks, street maintenance and the library; well those are just luxuries anyway.

Then, if they change their minds and allow citizens a vote on the matter it wouldn’t occur until November 2020, some 15-months after the layoffs occur.

Reduced services will start in six weeks on July 1, not 15-months from now.  Judging by the overwhelming positive public support for a temporary tax during the last several budget sessions the cost for a special election could be recovered in less than a month if the staff sales tax revenue estimates for 15 months of $6,125,000 are collected.

But, Councilmen Mosby, Dirk Starbuck and Victor Vega would rather see the community suffer than admit they are way off base with their current plan to deny citizens critical services. Some people just aren’t up to the task of community leadership in times of crisis.

Ron Fink


Righting the ship of state

Donald Trump is the most unprepared, destructive and corrupt president in modern history. And yet his re-election is a possibility, a frightening comment on the American electorate.

Here are some points to ponder before supporting Trump:

If Joe Biden becomes the Democratic candidate, there points that illustrate how he and Trump are direct opposites — Biden has decades of high-level government experience, was well-respected on both sides of the aisle, and has a record of promoting the welfare of blue-collar workers.

During his long Senate service, Biden badly wanting to be home with his wife and family, and took the lengthy train ride nightly from Washington to his home in Delaware for decades. so often that that an Amtrack station has been named for him. Clearly, his was a marriage based on true love, something Americans have traditionally valued in a First Couple.

Biden lost his first wife and son in a car accident, and lost a second son to cancer. But had these sons lived, he has too much integrity to have appointed them to high-level positions for which they had no qualifications.

Biden shared his taxes with the public every year he worked in the White House, as all recent presidents have done, including Richard Nixon, who was under audit at that time.

Biden is an honest man of great integrity and simply a good human being. A careful review of each point about Biden's strengths and then thoughtful consideration of the ways Trump is 100-percent the opposite in every single one of them will reveal the way a sane American should vote in 2020. This election, more than any in recent history, will prove America wants to correct its mistake and regain its moral compass.

Jack Miles

Santa Maria


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