Hoping for Speedway miracle

What a shame that a few residents of the Costa Pacific Estates who had signed an agreement that they were aware that there was a racetrack close by when purchasing their property, would now demand the closure of Santa Maria Speedway (Stadium 805), depriving hundreds of people at a family oriented venue three to four hours a week of good, clean entertainment.

How selfish on their part. I, like thousands in our area, pray for a miracle that this decision can be reversed.

Ralph Bush

Arroyo Grande

Trump's energy independence debunked

A recent letter writer stated the United States "became energy independent under President Trump" and "we no longer bought oil from foreign countries."

While this is what the former president repeatedly boosted, it is factually untrue. As late as December 2019, the U.S. imported 8 million barrels of crude and refined oil every day from countries including Canada, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Kuwait.

I think part of the enduring appeal of those who support Trump is they continually listen to and accept his lies as facts. In essence, they hear what they want to hear. It's too bad for our nation that the man who constantly railed against "fake news" was among the greatest disseminators of mis-information in modern times. We are all the worse for it.

Roger Hall

Santa Maria

Boots-on-the-ground reality of COVID

I would like to correct the misinformation presented in the Aug. 28 letter concerning “The Science” of COVID-19 vaccination.

COVID-19 is a highly contagious, dangerous and unpredictable infection. Our group practice in Santa Maria has experienced more than a dozen deaths, at least 100 hospitalizations and are treating multiple patients each day with “long COVID”.

The vaccine is not perfect. However, in over 5 billion doses administered worldwide, it has proven to be safe, effective and well-tolerated. We have had no deaths, hospitalizations or long-term side effects from vaccination. Over 96% of U.S. physicians have been vaccinated. Vaccinated patients who contract COVID have a less severe illness and are much less likely to be hospitalized or die.

Everyone eligible should be vaccinated, and high-risk persons should consider a booster dose after six months. This is the reality of COVID in our community from the boots on the ground, and not internet misinformation.

Robert Okerblom, M.D.

Santa Maria

Research facts before declaring responsibility

Before we discuss and listen to our political leaders and commentators update us on "Afghanistan and 'Who' is responsible?" - I encourage all of us to "Google" and read the results to the following questions:

Who in the United States can declare war? When and how many times have they done it?

Tom Heslop

Santa Maria

Vote quickly, by mail, and vote no on recall

I have been voting by mail for decades, and it is such a safe, easy, convenient and reliable way to vote. There is never a polling place to drive to or a line to stand in. I never have to miss work, (or in my case as a retiree) miss a fishing trip or round of golf, and I am given a return self-addressed envelope with postage paid. I just mark it, sign it, date it, seal it and put it back in my mailbox with the red flag flying. Why doesn’t everyone do it?

I voted immediately and mailed it ASAP because a recent article made me realize that once again, this recall vote is huge and too much is at stake.

Hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars are being used to finance this farcical recall ballot and now only complacency will allow some power hungry nincompoop to inconceivably become Governor with an embarrassingly paltry number of votes.

I want to encourage all Democrats to once again represent and vote “no” on recalling Gov. Gavin Newsom. When compared to other governors such as the ones from Texas, Florida, Mississippi, New York, South Dakota, etc., Gov. Newsom deserves a full term to serve. In these unprecedented times, things can change dramatically. Give Newsom a chance to govern.

Let’s maintain the integrity of the office and not give the governorship to one of the unqualified egomaniacs listed under Question #2.

Nelson Sagisi

Santa Maria