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How many teachers = 1 armed guard?

For 25 years I worked as the County Safe Schools Coordinator. Expert trainers worked with teachers, administrators, parents, and students on bullying, using social media safely, effects of violent video games, safe listening circles (where the students identified red-flag areas on campus). Most schools incorporated Asset Development to identify the areas of support students had or did not have and worked to strengthen the low areas to increase success in school and life. Are these strategies still in use?

I assisted California Department of Education administrators with compliance reviews for these funds. Students could tell or show us on a school map – where the drugs were being used/sold, kids were bullied and harassed, and how they avoided being observed even if the school had a Resource Officer. Some Resource Officers even had golf carts so they could get around faster.

One armed guard, who would be somewhere on school property, would not get to an active shooter within the ridiculously short time it takes discharge his weapon – even if he did have a golf cart!

The NRA and others say we need armed guards on our children’s campuses. How many teachers or programs will be cut to pay that salary? Schools can’t afford the music, arts programs - how will schools finance this salary? Shall the PTA do bake sales or the kids give up going to band competitions to bring armed guards on their campuses?

Why are we putting this problem on the backs of the schools? Why aren’t law makers standing up for the children of their constituents? It is time to participate and support the students who are making a difference. Will we follow their lead and stop being bystanders?

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Lorraine Waldau