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I’m going to Lompoc's March for Our Lives 

We’re all familiar with the shooting in Parkland, Florida which resulted in 17 student deaths. And we remember Las Vegas, and we remember Sandy Hook.

If it seems like these sickening events are increasing, they are!

The five deadliest shootings in United States history have occurred in roughly the past 10 years.

Virginia Tech, April 2007, 32 deaths; Newtown, Conneticut, Sandy Hook, Dec. 2012, 27 deaths; Orlando night club, June 2016, 49 deaths; Las Vegas concert, Oct. 2017, 58 dead; Sutherlin Springs, Texas, Nov. 2017, 26 died.

And this does not include shootings at the Charleston AME church in June 2015 where nine perished or the San Bernardino Christmas party where 14 fell. They don’t qualify for the bloody Top Five.

There are 820 events like the one in Lompoc scheduled Saturday, including the big one in Washington. All are affiliated with March for Our Lives.

Maybe we can start to make a difference.

John McReynolds


Effort to ban guns is dishonest

I want to thank the writer of last week’s opinion piece about how we no longer need guns in this country and how the Australians solved the problem by eliminating guns with a voluntary buyback program.

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The writer does an excellent job of demonstrating that banning all guns is the ultimate goal of liberals and Democrats. There can be no honest and rational discussion about methods of dealing with gun violence because the only solution for them is the politically correct firearms ban and confiscation.

Dishonesty and deception is part of the liberal process and the 2nd Amendment right to own firearms is purposely ignored.

The writer states the Australian law was “voluntary” which it was not. It was a mandatory gun confiscation with a token payment by the Australian government for the guns it took from its citizens. It targeted honest citizens not criminals because criminals don’t comply with laws. Anyone who did not surrender their firearms was considered a criminal.

Luckily, people in this country are waking up and are aware of the gun ban dishonesty and the intention behind confiscating firearms by those who claim they are going to address the gun violence issue.

Jeff Bensen