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Letters to the Editor: In danger of losing democracy, country; Escobedo will represent all people of District 1

Letters to the Editor: In danger of losing democracy, country; Escobedo will represent all people of District 1

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In danger of losing democracy, country

Here we are, a few short months from what can be described as one of the most important elections in our country's history. We have the current president espousing violence and hatred, divisiveness and racism. This has been his modus operandi since before the 2016 campaign, but it has intensified in strength and become even more vitriolic.

We could see this coming from the time of protests in Charlottesville, Virginia when he praised the white supremacists marching with their torches and yelling anti-Semitic and anti-Black slogans as "good people".

Flash forward to his espousing violence when his armed supporters were marching on the state house in Michigan's capital city, storming the building, and demanding that COVID-19 quarantine regulations be stopped.

He has followed this with more praise for the far-right white supremacist groups, Patriot Prayer, Boogaloo Boys, and Pride Boys, toting their military-grade weapons and disrupting peaceful BLM protests in Portland and Kenosha ... all the while failing to offer sympathy for the families of murdered Black citizens.

To make matters worse, he is trying to subvert our democratic election process, with unfounded claims of voter fraud by Democrats, while he is encouraging his own supporters in North Carolina to vote twice (by mail and in person).

I guess the self-proclaimed "law and order president" doesn't mind asking his voters to commit felonies punishable by imprisonment and fines! Madeline Albright, former Secretary of State and esteemed political thinker, was quoted in late 2019 as saying, "Fascism invokes the endorsement and use of violence to achieve political goals and stay in power." This is precisely what is occuring in the Trump administration, and he must be stopped by voting him out of office by unstoppable and unquestioned numbers representing a large majority of the American voters.

Candidate Trump, during 2016, said to American voters, "What do you have to lose?" if we elect him. We now know what we are in danger of losing -- our democracy and our country.

Sondra Smith

Santa Maria

Escobedo will represent all people of District 1

I normally would not comment on the upcoming City Council election, but this affects many of my students and they are very important to me.

Carlos Escobedo is a committed member of our community who has dedicated an impressive amount of his time to the youth. He has volunteered for organizations such as the Boys and Girls Club and Toastmasters.

As an educator I know how essential it is for students to participate in extracurricular activities. It often takes community leaders and volunteers like Carlos to run these afterschool activities. His work in founding the first Spanish speaking Toastmasters group, which has helped numerous people improve their public speaking, has bolstered the prospects of students and adults with regard to education and capabilities in the workforce.

Mr. Escobedo is committed to furthering education and has worked as a student success outreach specialist at Allan Hancock College. His commitment to aiding students in reaching their goals is something I believe he will continue to advocate for while on the Santa Maria City Council. Our community needs more people in leadership roles who care about and advance the needs and prospects of the next generation.

I also feel the City Council level should be non-partisan. We have way too much division at all levels of our society now. Carlos is independent and will represent all of District 1. He will represent all the people of District 1.

Ron Lovell

Santa Maria


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