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Letters to the Editor: Kim's Capitol cleanup brings tears; SM Auto Club office kudos; Impeach movement demands term limits; What to expect from conservative media?; Better days around the corner

Letters to the Editor: Kim's Capitol cleanup brings tears; SM Auto Club office kudos; Impeach movement demands term limits; What to expect from conservative media?; Better days around the corner

Kim's Capitol cleanup brings tears

This morning, seeing the picture on the front page of the Santa Maria Times of Rep. Andy Kim (D-N.J.) at 1 a.m. in the morning, after a long horrifying day, on his knees, in a suit and tie, wearing a mask, and cleaning up carnage debris from the Jan. 6 Trump-incited mob insurrection at the Capitol building brought tears to my eyes and I could not stop crying as I read the article.

I cried because witnessing such dignity, selfless patriotic pride, honor, humility, and unflinching sense of duty in the aftermath of destruction, desecration, vandalism, death, injury, and chaos brought out all my emotions pent up over the last two days of watching video of the siege.

I’m still sad, angry, and in shock, but for me, Rep. Andy Kim’s (D-N.J.) simple act represented the beginning of better days ahead. We are a broken, divided rudderless America that seems impossible to fix, but I feel hope and now firmly believe that good Americans like Rep. Andy Kim (D-N.J.) will be examples of Joe Biden’s promise to “Build back better”.

With the astonishing victory of Democrats Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock in Georgia, Chuck Schumer will control the Senate and the Democrats will pull “the hat trick” with President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris commanding in the White House, Chuck Schumer directing the Senate, and Nancy Pelosi leading the House of Representatives. Mitch McConnell can no longer sabotage Democratic legislation from the House of Representatives.

Now, justice can and must be served. Holding all citizens responsible and accountable for the acts of sedition against our nation must be priority No. 1. Every person in the mob that appears in video in or near the Capitol building must be identified, found, arrested, charged, and sent to prison.

The person that attacked and killed Capitol police officer Brian Sicknick by smashing his head with a fire extinguisher must be identified, found, arrested, charged, and sent to prison. Donald Trump must be removed from the White House ASAP, arrested, charged, and sent to prison for attempting to overthrow our government and putting the lives of our duly elected leaders in jeopardy.

Also all Republican members of Congress that stood with Trump in contesting the election results and inciting mob violence must resign, be arrested, charged with sedition, and sent to prison.

All 75 million people that voted for Trump must stand back, stand down, lay down their guns, take off their red MAGA caps, remove their 2020 Trump-Pence signs from their front yards, take down their blue Trump flags from their trucks, shred their confederate flags, and accept and support the peaceful transfer of power to Joe Biden as the President of the United States.

Finally, the Republican party must purge its members of Trumpism, find truth, honor, integrity, and a spine.

After all that, then maybe we can begin to heal.

Nelson Sagisi

Santa Maria

SM Auto Club office kudos

Kudos to the Santa Maria office of the Auto Club of Southern California for their efficient and COVID-compliant method of helping their clients.

It could be a model for other businesses that provide hands-on service(s).

Shirley Boydstun 


Impeach movement demands term limits

Some of our congressional representatives are moving to impeach President Trump. Again. Seriously?

This action appears to be either an act of lunacy (assuming Trump's remaining time in office is mere days) or desperation by those who are inadvertently giving credence to the claim of massive voter fraud. Come on, Congress, confess! Corruption or incompetence?

Perhaps it's time we "cleaned House" (and Senate) of self-serving career politicians and demanded term limits of those in Congress.

Sean Landers

Santa Maria

What to expect from conservative media?

What’s next for the conservative propaganda media now that hero Trump is no longer their fabulous leader?

Back when Obama became president and inherited the downward economy the conservative propaganda media and conservative politicians spent their time bashing him because the national debt was going up. They said we were putting our children and grandchildren in jeopardy. After Obama’s eight years in office, the national debt grew by about $9.5 trillion. Scandalous they said. However, the economy was improving.

2016 brought new elections and Donald J. Trump was swept into office on numerous promises like building a wall and Mexico will pay for it, and eliminating the national debt within eight years. The conservative media and conservative politicians cheered their new hero. The new hero cut taxes and claimed the rising economy was only because of him and his policies.

Four years later, this hero has added about $7.4 trillion to the national debt, is missing as the country fights a pandemic, and has an economy tanking like a rock in a pond. All this and more in only four years. Plus, he has harangued, belittled, condescended, and bullied members of Congress and his own administration. Topping off four years of embarrassment for the country, he instigated a riot upon our seat of national government in an attempted coup.

What can we look forward to from the conservative media and conservative politicians over the next four years? I’ll guess they’ll be harping about the national debt and how it’s going to destroy the country and bankrupt our children and grandchildren.

In closing, my conservative cousin told me antifa is just short for anti-fascist. History tells us Italy and Germany in World War II were fascist regimes. So if antifa is protesting against the Proud Boys and the Charlottesville marchers, they are doing what many of my uncles did in the 1940s. The Greatest Generation therefore must be enemies and not patriots according to conservative media and those who praise and support violence while wrapped in American flags.

Stan Novara

Santa Maria

Better days around the corner

Saturday’s letters to the editor were excellent examples of the division our nation is facing. Agreeing with the author of the first letter, when I read the piece last week about a local resident attending the Trump coup-through-carnage rally my first thought was “what were you thinking?”

His suggestion that he flew to the Trump rally in DC to pray is frankly not very believable. Donald Trump, Rodger Stone and Rudy Giuliani have been forecasting violence and chaos for weeks using terms like “it’s going to be wild” and “civil war” and “prepare for combat”. The insurrection we all watched was horrifying but unfortunately not at all surprising.

The second letter was by a regular contributor who routinely argues anger and hate-fueled Fox misinformation talking points. When she keeps saying “you” I feel the bony finger of indignation about one inch from my nose. On one point however, she’s right, I have never given Trump one day of a high-five. He has never deserved it. He’s a consummate liar, a womanizer, a racist, a sociopath, a demagogue and a wannabe anarchist. This was evident long before he became President.

Consistent with Fox misinformation viewers she has now switched her buzzline from Hillary’s emails to Hunter Biden and China. I feel bad for what Fox misinformation News has done to her cognitive reasoning skills but I also recognize it is a choice she makes.

The call for insurrection by Donald Trump, his family and his advisors that resulted in death and destruction cannot be ignored. The instigators and the rioters must be held accountable. I am truly grateful for the election of Joe Biden and for Mitch McConnell’s removal from Senate majority leader.

I look forward to an approach to the COVID pandemic based on medical science, an approach to climate change based on climate science, and an approach to police reform, systemic racism, and gun violence based on actual statistics. We are a divided nation, but better days are just around the corner.

Ken Forman

Santa Maria


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