Let voters decide tax

What I witnessed at a recent Lompoc City Council meeting makes me cringe to think they are representing the citizens of Lompoc.

For over two and a half hours I listened to them. If they respected the rule of lighting up their station to speak, and when they voiced their opinion on the 1-percent sales tax.

We heard from our city finance officials when other cities’ sales tax increase was to be voted on received a 64-percent favorable vote. What are they afraid of? All the public wants is to increase the sales tax by 1 percent, which will we be for everyone who makes purchases. This would include not only property owners, but tourists, and even those living back in the river bottom.

Their plan is to cut jobs in all departments, fire, police, library and parks, which is already working on lower manpower. Then they will be able to say they balanced the budget. Hogwash.

Do you feel safe with illegals and gang members invading our neighborhoods, when you have a heart attack, a fire starts, someone threatens you with a gun and library closed certain days? These are what they plan to deprive us of to balance a budget.

And to the certain members of the City Council, we live in a democracy where the people are heard, and if they feel the city is understaffed, cutting back and doing without services, let's all work together and put the 1-percent sales tax on the next ballot and bring Lompoc to the level where we all will feel safe again.

Let the people of Lompoc decide. Do they want to do without, or pay a few pennies more on purchases?

Anita Dwyer


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