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Letters to the Editor: Looking for end to chaos; Scared of bully atmosphere on beach; Enough is enough; Stepping outside law and order

Letters to the Editor: Looking for end to chaos; Scared of bully atmosphere on beach; Enough is enough; Stepping outside law and order

Looking for end to chaos

After reading Nelson Sagisi's eloquently written letter to the editor, I could not be more proud of my local Santa Marian. He stated perfectly everything I have been thinking and feeling since that fateful January sixth day.

The attack on the Capitol was not orchestrated in a vacuum. For weeks, we have been forced to listen to the indisputable lies spewed by Jim Jordan, Kevin McCarthy, Mitch McConnell, and other Republicans that the election of Joe Biden was fraudulent. It was not.

Furthermore, not once in 60+ attempts, did Rudy Giuliani's baseless claims prove to be valid in any court, up to and including the Supreme Court of the United States. Moreover, media outlets such as FOX News bear much of the blame for the attack, as they knowingly perpetuated (and broadcasted to millions who depend on them for the truth) the President's lies.

In closing, I am ever so grateful to Mr. Sagisi for highlighting the truth. I, too, am profoundly hopeful our government under President Biden will bring our country out of the destructive chaos we have endured for the past four years.

Dona Biddle

Santa Maria

Scared of bully atmosphere on beach

I thoroughly enjoyed Oceano beach when it was safely open to pedestrians. Now that there are vehicles, it is not safe for us.

On Jan. 3 I decided to go to the beach early, hoping to enjoy the southern shore. I figured low tides and probably fewer people. I'm 72 and choose to follow all the COVID rules. I have a Fitbit and try to walk about five miles a day.

I walked south from Grand Avenue a bit past Pier Avenue. The cars were getting thicker by then. It was about 9 o'clock. There were cars on both sides of me -- close to the water and higher on the beach. Many times the cars were uncomfortably close to me.

As I approached Grand Avenue, a large pick-up gunned the engine and sped up at the foot of the ramp. He came very close to me going pretty fast. I signaled for him to slow down and aimed my camera at his license plate as he passed.

He stopped and got out of his truck. He asked if I was going to "rat him out." I felt threatened. It seems those guys do exactly what they intend and that is to frighten anyone who disagrees with them. I am scared of the bully environment that is being created around Pismo State Beach and the Oceano Dunes.

Janice Reid

Arroyo Grande

Enough is enough

The prolific female writer from Lompoc recently expressed her extreme dismay at those who supported President-elect Biden in the recent election. She summarized it by stating, "Your reckless action is against everything our forefathers tried to prevent from happening."

In the recent abomination that occurred in the people's Capitol, five people are now dead. The last was a policeman who was doing his best to preserve law and order. He was hit in the head with a fire extinguisher and collapsed at the police station. He did his job to the end. His bones and brain will never get a chance to grow old as our letter writer proudly states about herself. Enough is enough.

Pat Brickey

Santa Maria

Stepping outside law and order

The failure of Donald Trump and many of his supporters to acknowledge the numerical outcome of the election is frightening. If we can't agree that the way in which we select our leaders is legitimate, then we share nothing as citizens of this country; we become not one people but warring tribes.

If you are willing to believe that the hundreds of thousands of elected officials and volunteers, of every political party in thousands of counties, who participated in counting millions of votes are all somehow part of one giant conspiracy, then you have completely lost the ability to reason.

If you can't grasp the concept that it takes longer to count thousands of votes than it does to count hundreds of votes, then you have even lost the ability to count.

The Constitution of the United States guarantees you the right to believe in any fantasy you like in your own head and even in your own church. But when you try to force your fantasy on others, you step outside the law and outside the boundaries of any civilized order. Then you get what happened on Jan. 6 at the U.S. Capitol.

And if you find yourself part of a mob where people are wearing "Camp Auschwitz" and "6MWE" T-shirts, you might want to consider the possibility that you are not with the good guys.

Earl Frounfelter

Santa Maria


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