Letters to the Editor: Looking for more forward thinking

Letters to the Editor: Looking for more forward thinking


Looking for more forward thinking

Here we go again. After recently criticizing the city's lack of planning concerning housing for low income and seniors and the overblown spending of time and money restriping an offramp at the Enos Ranch project, I am writing about another project that should've been foreseen by city planners, Caltrans, and the developers.

I'm talking about the road construction at Blosser Road and West Main Street,  which is a state highway. Development on Blosser has been ongoing for over 10 years with increasing housing, apartments, homes and businesses. Traffic has become heavier, and the infrastructure hasn't kept pace. The once secret way to avoid congestion on Broadway is gone and everyone knows it.

Why weren't development fees used to offset the cost? Why let traffic back up, truck traffic and cars until it becomes obvious to drivers something needs to be done? While I'm at it, let's consider another unsolved mystery, the airport. SLO is increasing flights to more destinations, and we have one airline with a couple, what's going on here? An empty airport the largest in size on the Central Coast languishing for flights, passengers and income. I shouldn't have to write these letters, but will continue until you the voters wake up. Our city deserves better.

Bill Potts

Santa Maria


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