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Loss of The Vineyard House a hit for Valley

The Santa Ynez Valley has just lost one of our best restaurants, The Vineyard House in Santa Ynez. Proprietor Jim Sobell was unable to continue his masterful combination of wonderful food at reasonable prices because of the refusal of the corporation that owns the building to extend his lease.

The Vineyard House was a special place, not only for the quality of the food but for the rare quiet ambiance so lacking in most of the other restaurants in the Valley. Jim was always there to take reservations, greet and seat his guests, and serve the tables or assist in the kitchen if need be. On occasion he would also tickle the ivories of his old piano by the door.

His service to the community went far beyond the restaurant. He has led numerous fundraiser events for worthy causes and never hesitated to speak his mind on these pages when it came to negative influences on the economy and quality of life in the SYV.

On Sunday, March 11, Jim went out with a typical “bang.” He hosted one more fundraising event at his restaurant, this time for the Santa Ynez Historical Museum. Thanks Jim, it was a great ride. I hope in the future, after your well-earned vacation, you’ll consider returning to the business you know so well. There are a few restaurants in the Valley that could use your steady and talented hand.

Dennis Beebe and Family


Federal law vs. the state

There's a problem with David Ulin's recent commentary,"Trump's war against the Golden State is a war against the nation.”

Whether or not Trump has declared war on California really should not be the focus. Immigration is a federal, not a state issue. In other words, it's in the exclusive jurisdiction of the federal government to manage immigration.

So, when California passes legislation that flies in the face of that federal jurisdiction, it is totally appropriate for the federal government to respond.

We are a nation that subscribes to the rule of law. Rebelling against authority tends to bring harsh reprisals. Frankly, we should be surprised that the federal response to Sacramento hasn't be harder, if not swifter.

David Bixby

Santa Maria

Good message for all parents

After reading the article for gun-store buffer zones, it occurred to me this may not be such a good idea.

Consider that the owner of the gun store may actually be a deterrent to gun violence in that area. Although the school is a gun-free zone, the shop across the street isn’t, and the would-be assailant may decide against acting.

Putting all this second-guessing aside, we place blame for the school shooter on the parents. Like captains of ships are responsible for the actions of their crews, so parents are responsible for the actions of their children, just as they would be if their child had an auto accident. We don’t blame the car, or the dealership. We rightly place the blame and responsibility upon the individuals involved.

If parents would be parents, and pay closer attention to their children, they would have noticed a change in the child’s behavior and been able to intervene in order to change the outcome.

Leonard Urrea