Mailman thanked for helping elderly widow

I wanted to let people know that there are genuinely good people that care for others in this world.

My 84 year-old mother lives in Santa Maria, and has lived in the same house for more than 40 years. She lives alone now since her husband passed away in 2016. She enjoys gardening and has a hard time doing things by herself, but she will sure try.

One day she was in her front yard trying to dig up a pretty good sized honeysuckle bush that had been growing there for quite a few years and was no longer healthy. She cut it down to the stump and was attempting to dig up the roots, when her mailman showed up with the mail.

When he saw that she was struggling, he told her that he would come over after work and do it for her. She said OK. So around 7 p.m. he showed up with his elderly father and his two children that were about 10 and 12 years old to dig up the stump after working, walking delivering the mail for 11 hours.

She was very very thankful for his help, especially because he had already worked an 11 hour shift. This mail man has always been very nice, and for him to go out of his way to come help my elderly mother, was just the greatest act of kindness that a person could do. Thank you Mr. Mailman!

Michele Buckham


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