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Letters to the Editor: Malicious gossip a dangerous thing; Caldwell's position on schools questioned; Cunningham never voted for tax increase; Moderate Democrat backs Cunningham

Letters to the Editor: Malicious gossip a dangerous thing; Caldwell's position on schools questioned; Cunningham never voted for tax increase; Moderate Democrat backs Cunningham

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Malicious gossip a dangerous thing

Malicious gossip about INCLUSION SYV has been spreading through social media around the Santa Ynez Valley, suggesting that we are a radical group promoting racism.

We would like to set the record straight. Our goal is just the opposite. INCLUSION SYV was founded in the winter and spring of 2017, as a result of conversations with community leaders from diverse backgrounds who came together with the goal of defining the issues contributing to discrimination and bullying in our valley.

We then set out to develop solutions appropriate to our community. INCLUSION SYV was thus born with the mission to increase awareness of the detrimental impact of racism, bias and discrimination of all kinds and to advocate for change to promote inclusion and equality in the community and in the schools.

Over the years, guided by a steering committee, an education task force and a community task force, we have been working toward those goals. INCLUSION SYV leaders include educators, businessmen, businesswomen, and non-profit executives. Our constituency is made up of your friends and neighbors, your children and their teachers as we work to seek justice, equal opportunity, respect and dignity without discrimination.

We work specifically and exclusively with established institutions and members of the community. We do not organize protests or gatherings, preferring a long-term strategy for systemic change. We are not affiliated with any political party, do not endorse any candidates, and operate under the fiscal and administrative umbrella of People Helping People, an established social service organization that has been improving the lives of men, women and children in the Valley for 27 years. We share the goal of furthering positive community change.

Rumor can be a dangerous thing as it uses misinformation to foment division and undermine progress toward the common good. We are an organization intent on improving our community and we encourage you to check us out on our website If you agree with our mission and with our goals, please join us in trying to improve our community.

Shawn Addison, Nancy Englander

co-chairs, INCLUSION SYV

Caldwell's position on schools questioned

This morning while watching the news, an ad for Andy Caldwell for Congress came on. It was a parody of the game show Jeopardy. One of the answers mentioned that he would introduce a bill within the first 100 days for school choice on the Central Coast. As an interested voter, I would like to know the specific reasons that he believes the public schools have failed the residents of the Central Coast.

Pat Brickey

Santa Maria

Cunningham never voted for tax increase

Cunningham is supported by Howard Jarvis and supports Prop. 13 protections. He’s never voted for a tax increase in four years. He’s crossed the aisle to support pro-housing legislation in Sacramento to try and make our state more affordable.

Addis voted to raise fees and taxes on the city council, and supports raising property taxes on our small businesses. Morro Bay hasn’t built any new housing in about 50 years.

I think it’s pretty clear who will work to make it more affordable here. I’m sticking with Cunningham.

Lori Noble

Morro Bay

Moderate Democrat backs Cunningham

I’m a registered Democrat and my politics are moderate. I believe we need change in our country at the national level, but I also believe that good leaders who have proven to be effective in office should be supported.

I have seen how hard Jordan Cunningham works for this area and how much he’s accomplished for us at the state level. I’m glad to support him for re-election to the State Assembly.

Brad Rubin



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