Opting for inoffensive numbers

Cleveland is the latest team to change its name because of claims that “Indians” offended some. Cleveland will now be known as the Guardians, but that likely won’t work either because some group will be offended by the new name.

What these teams, and others don’t seem to recognize is that we live in an era where any number of people seem to “prefer” to be offended. This will not end as more and more groups find success in “being offended.”

Here’s a thought. Why doesn’t each team simply have a number. For example the NY Yankees could be NY #4. The Raiders could be Las Vegas #6. Leagues could hold random draws to determine who gets what number. It could turn out that the USC Trojans would become #6 and the UCLA Bruins would become #3.

It’s reasonable to assume some would be offended by the change, but reasons for being offended would be difficult to support.

Offensive name problem solved.

Jim Vint

Santa Maria

Looking for pro-life governance

As many Central Valley voters are aware: we are conservative on many of the issues: we are pro-life and pro-family, and we're comfortable with this, and we should be.

I recently received a letter from Congressman David Valadao in which he writes, “As a Catholic, and a father of three, I believe that every human life is precious and should be protected at every stage. ... It is the responsibility of those of us in government to give unborn children a voice and protect them from harm.”

I believe that most of us in the Valley would agree that Congressman Valadao represents us to a T in his pro-life stance.

State senator Hurtado, on the other hand, represents somebody completely different than you or me: Senator Hurtado co-authored a bill (SB 379) which will force Catholic hospitals to perform abortions. We in the Valley should be appalled. We in the Valley need a new state senator.

Does the Valley harbor anyone willing to run in the 2022 state senate race who will truly represent us in the beliefs and values we hold dear? If so, this “somebody” should clearly receive our Valley votes in 2022.

Debra Bridgford