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Letters to the Editor: Party puppet leadership needs to go; Media influence in Chauvin trial; Downhill path to socialism
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Letters to the Editor: Party puppet leadership needs to go; Media influence in Chauvin trial; Downhill path to socialism

Party puppet leadership needs to go

The other day a letter writer from Kingsburg had his letter published. While he and I may not see eye-to-eye on gun control legislation, he hit the nail on the head in his last paragraph. Yes. Our political representatives appear to be puppets of party leadership.

How can it be true that all Democrats or all Republicans think the same on any particular issue? Yet, recently, most legislation is being passed without a single opposing party vote. A look a Congressman Carbajal’s voting record shows he votes almost exclusively along party lines.

When writing to the congressman, responses are a polite thank you followed by party talking points on the subject of concern. Responses from Senator Feinstein generally are more honest; usually a thank you, but you’re wrong. I haven’t gotten a response from Senator Padilla, our new senator. But I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt. Maybe it’s taking time for him to staff up.

I’m sure this happens on the Republican side as well. It’s difficult to know that Assemblyman Cunningham is a Republican. He doesn’t show his party affiliation on any of his web sites (don’t blame him in California). Letters to the assemblyman rarely get answered directly. I do get an occasional email touting legislative accomplishment everyone can agree is a good thing, like stopping human trafficking. Nothing controversial. Very careful, but a way to keep his job.

I don’t know why we have such timid representatives. Maybe because party leaders control campaign funds or committee assignments. But something needs to change. Representatives should represent us, not the party.

Generally, incumbents have an advantage and in California, Democrats are much preferred over Republican candidates. Maybe we should vote for someone other than the incumbent in the primary election. Just pick a different Democrat or Republican whatever your party preference. We might scare a few politicians to think and vote more for us than to be puppets of party leadership.

Fredrick Lee

Santa Maria

Media influence in Chauvin trial

Today the trial of Derek Chauvin is in its second day. Yesterday, on every channel, they repeatedly showed the video of Chauvin kneeling on Floyd's neck, and repeatedly said that he said, "I can't breathe," 27 times.

I believe the media is trying to guarantee a guilty verdict. The clip is hard to watch; and by repeatedly showing it, the media is pretty much ensuring that Minneapolis will get torched and destroyed if a guilty verdict is not declared. Is it the media's function to try to influence the verdict? They are definitely enflaming the population there.

Robert Jones

Santa Maria

Downhill path to socialism

I want to thank all who elected Biden. Gas at Costco costs $12 more than it did three months ago. Trump $2.99 per gallon, Biden $3.69 in just 100 days in office. In a year it will be $5. Thanks too for the 100,000 illegal immigrants crossing our border just in February. Ten percent test positive for COVID.

It is to the Democrats benefit that the borders are wide open. The more illegal immigrants they get into our country “on a path to citizenship” the more will vote Democrat. The extra resources Biden sends to the border are not to secure it, they are to get people into this country faster. All this encouraged by people who are supposed to represent “we the people.” They don’t. They crave power and will do anything to keep and expand it.

When you see Pelosi, or Harris or Schumer or Carbajal smiling for the cameras about HR-1 it is not because they have done right by the people, it is because they have stuck the American people with a future unlike anything in U.S. history.

Get ready for the cancel culture, the ”thought” police, energy dependence on OPEC and Russia, an aggressive, militant China and a U.S. on the downhill path to socialism with only the “elites” (aforementioned politicians) having enough to get by nicely while the rest of us stand in line for a government handout. Corrupt unbridled power. That is why they want your guns.

Ellis Romero

Santa Maria


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