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Positives to legalizing pot

Legalizing marijuana, the least harmful of liquor, cigarettes and some prescription drugs, means revenues for cities and states. Marijuana has eased the pain of millions of people. Legalizing also sheds light on where weed is grown and who is selling it.

Libby Breen


Study of wild land fire issues overdue

From the TV shots, it is clear that the treatment of wild land fires is overdue for some serious study. Your paper also reports enormous suppression costs and that the insurance industry has finally recognized something has to change.

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This has nothing to do with the brave individuals who work the fire line, it is to advise management, introduce new technology, to establish the conditions for fire suppression to be effective, and to solve some of the political/jurisdiction problems which have plagued us for too long.

The study must have representatives of fire management, elected politicians, naturalists, technically savvy industrialists, and practicing journalists. The piecemeal approach obviously does not work.

R. P. Patrick

Santa Maria