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President has damaged America

The world is watching Trump's narcissism evolve into dementia. A racist but otherwise sane President might think what Trump said about Haiti and Africa but would never utter the words aloud. His nearly daily spew of gross, vulgar, and racist statements continues to play solely to his base, and his party is collaborating with him.

The Republican platform is devoted solely to "donor maintenance," (take care of the billionaires at the expense of the poor and they will take care of you.) Let's hope the hypocrisy and moral cowardice of nearly all Republican congressmen insure they lose their next election. This would prove that most Americans' morals are better than those of Republican congressmen, and that we still believe in what we like to call basic American values.

Republicans are so proud of the bogus tax "reform" bill. But the middle class benefits far less than the rich, who get a much larger reduction in tax rate, and profit hugely from the sharp rise in the stock market, which is fueled by the prospect of a drastic cut in corporate taxes. The richest 20 percent of Americans own 90 percent of stocks and will make millions from the record market increases.

Nearly 50 percent of Americans own no stock at all. And if the myth of Trickle Down worked, the discrepancy in wealth between the very rich and the middle class would have shrunk markedly since Reagan and even more with Bush. But instead, the discrepancy has been widening drastically for decades and continues to do so.

This President has damaged America seriously. He has deepened the racial and economic divide, harmed our relationship with our allies and cheapened the office of presidency of the United States. Whatever else happens, we'll see in upcoming elections what Americans really believe, what we're made of.

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Jack Miles

Santa Maria